Stop worshiping the corruptocrats, America

Those of us who have been to a beach hosting Canada geese know that these creatures leave only one thing behind, and they leave a lot of it: Goose poop. In that way they are a lot like the American Golden Goose. This bird’s output is most often found in cities filled with poor people. The eggs it leaves behind are thin-skinned, one might almost say gold plated.

Oh, the eggs were solid gold when the goose laid them in the public treasury. The taxpayers put the full faith and credit of their lives, their children’s lives and on out for generations on the promise to repay the borrowed money. But somehow, the solid gold center of the egg disappeared – between the time our government corruptocrats funded it, spread the wealth around to their friends and then passed on the hollow shell to those Americans who self-identify as poor, wherever and whoever they may be.

“Ah … praise God! Someone has finally done something for us!”

To be blunt, both the Canada goose and its American golden goose relative just s**t all over everything they come near. The only thing they both leave is a mess for the next visitors or generations to clean up, while they waddle away with the gold.

The American golden goose seems partial to the Democratic Party, but it has many Republican allies who like living large on the public’s money. Our elected officials already have gold-plated salaries, benefits, retirements and freedom from the laws they pass for the rest of us. But it’s not enough; it never is. They have to steal from us, too!

Stolen elections are necessary, because if they lose power, they lose the golden goose gravy train that carries their back-and-butt-slapping buddies from poverty to prosperity – at the expense of all of us. They don’t even try to hide their theft anymore. “Oh, a hundred and twenty-five thousand test ballots were accidentally added into the actual vote totals. Sorry (that we got caught).”

Democrats and golden goose Republicans are like abusive spouses. At first they promise to stop. Next they explain why it really isn’t so bad. They they tell you they are doing it for you and the kids. When you can’t take it anymore they finally leave you and the kids and head off with the next easy mark. You consider yourself lucky because he didn’t beat you or one of the kids to death. Then you look for the next candidate with fancy election promises, and off you go, arm-in-arm. Whose fault is it, really, folks?

What happened to the benefits of all that public school education taxpayers paid so dearly for you to get? We went from mandatory Ethnic Studies in 1970 to the Carnival of Studies in 2021. Perhaps you were too busy in the sea of racial division and gender confusion indoctrination by teachers unions and captured schools boards to learn anything of value. How do we get our money back?

Who sucks the American taxpayer dry for generations on end by investing in U.S. Treasury Bonds (Slavery Bonds)? The government assigns the payback to poor people and small business, and gives the interest income to wealthy people and corporations. Then our corruptocrats steal everything that can be stolen from what the money was promised to be spent on, line their friends’ pockets and stand in the same line at the next election to get “their fair share.” In other words, we pay for the corrupt to be reelected.

The Green New Deal. It’s called that for a reason folks. All the green goes to the corruptocrats and their corporate and nonprofit enablers. The bills go on forever, because “climate change” will never be fixed. Nope. Climate always changes. The entire world will never have a climate like Southern California beaches (and if it did, that would be a problem we only have 10 years to fix). The earth is self-regulating, because that’s the way God made it. Let’s thank him for the dead dinos and get on with our lives.

We couldn’t have all of today’s insanity, without our Big Media and Big Tech prostitutes, who sell the sizzle while they eat the steak themselves. Is that why these people want the term prostitute to be replaced by sex worker? Would that make them feel better about selling themselves to corruptocrats and billionaires? Thanks, DARPA, for developing and funding the tools they needed to divide us – and thus control us.

Endless wars, endless corruption … is that the world you want to pass onto your children, and their children? A life where “1984” is just the film’s promo?

Are you looking for something else? Maybe God has an alternative He would like to give us. Maybe all it requires is that we ask. Maybe those of us worshiping government corruptocrats and Big Tech, DARPA, drones, spaceships, and Defense Department-minted billionaires should shift our focus to Someone who actually cares about us.

Maybe, just maybe, we were created for something more than servitude and begging for the crumbs off the tables of the elites, after they finish eating our breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Maybe, just maybe, America is the vehicle to free the entire world.

The corruptocrats haven’t paid for your freedom. They paid for your enslavement. God our Father paid for your freedom, through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. He paid the price for all eternity for your freedom. If you are chasing after something else, you are worshiping the wrong god; that’s why you are so easily divided and enslaved. The one who has enslaved you despises you, as do those who serve him. Stop believing the enemy’s lies. Nothing good can ever come of it. Turn, instead, to the Truth. You can read the Good News in any one of the four gospels in an afternoon. Put your electronic world on airplane mode, or power it down. God needs some time alone with you. He loves you despite your faults, and he desperately wants to tell you.

That’s all you have to do to change your life, to change this nation and for this nation to change the world. That’s why the battle in America is so intense right now, folks. It’s larger than us, but America is the prize. God gave her the resources to do what she needs to do. As goes America, so goes the world.

All of us, dear friends, are in the Valley of Decision. For those who continue to worship big tech, big media, big government and the corruptocrats, there will be no way out. You will continue to be slaves to those whom you worship, forever. Choose life. Choose freedom. Choose Jesus.

Yes, it is Armageddon, just not the one you expected.

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