Study suggests COVID shots mess up transplant procedures

(Image courtesy Pixabay)
(Image courtesy Pixabay)

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A new study has found that COVID shots, those experimental innoculations mandated by governments, businesses, schools and more during the COVID-19 pandemic, can mess up transplant procedures.

A report at WISH TV charges that “some transplant recipients are rejecting new organs and scientists say the coronavirus vaccine may be to blame.”

The report cites a study from the Journal of Clinical Medicine that addressed “acute corneal allografts.”

Immunized patients’ bodies were rejecting the transplants and researchers suggested in the study the cause could be “tied to a systemic inflammatory response elicited by the shot post-jab.”

The cornea is the outer layer of the eye, and grafts routinely are used to repair damage. The procedure, WISH TV explained, “is known to be one of the most successful organ transplant procedures with low rejection rates. It restores vision, reduces eye pain and improves the appearance of the diseased cornea.”

However, researchers in Japan assembled information from 23 studies where patients had undergone graft procedures and rejection occurred “anywhere from one day to six weeks after vaccination in all patients – some who underwent the procedure as far back as twenty years ago,” the report said.

The authors of the scientific paper charged, “As the virus continues to spread, additional booster COVID-19 vaccines are expected. Therefore, proper follow-up of corneal allograft recipients and interventions to prevent corneal allograft rejection after they received the COVID-19 may be crucial.”

The graft rejections joined other complications already linked to the vaccinations, including blood clots, heart inflammation that sometimes is fatal, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and more.

The abstract of the study said the ages of patients impacted ranged from 27-83 years, and the technical medical complications varied somewhat, to includw specific conditions such as descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty.

“The interval between vaccination and rejection ranged from 1 day to 6 weeks,” the abstract explained.

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