Stunner! Male cops can now strip-search females, on one condition

(Photo by Ivan Lapyrin on Unsplash)
(Photo by Ivan Lapyrin on Unsplash)

In the latest stunner from the transgender agenda sweeping across large parts of the free world, a ruling has been issued in the United Kingdom that male police officers now are being allowed to strip-search female suspects.

If the officer “identifies” as female.

The Daily Mail revealed the change came in new guidelines that have been issued to police forces across the nation, which also explain that a woman being stripped and search could be accused of a hate crime if they object.

“Chief Officers are advised to recognise the status of Transgender colleagues from the moment they transition, considered to be, the point at which they present in the gender with which they identify. Thus, once a Transgender colleague has transitioned, they will search persons of the same gender as their own lived gender,” the national guidelines declared.

The ruling came from the National Police Chief’s Council, which did admit that it could be “advisable” to replace the person carrying out the search if the prisoner objects.

But the ruling said, “If the refusal is based on discriminatory views, consideration should be given for the incident [to] be recorded as a non-crime hate incident unless the circumstances amount to a recordable crime.”

The Mail reported the guidance was unleashed on the U.K. in December but only came to light recently because of the work of Cathy Larkman, who was a police officer for more than 30 years before retiring.

She was worried about the declining trust women had in police following a series of scandals that included the kidnapping and murder of victim Sarah Everard by a police officer.

She wrote letters, the Mail reported, to College of Policing, the Police Federation and the NPCC seeking clarification on which officers were allowed to impose strip searches.

The law requires that be an officer of the “same sex.”

But she found out it has to be an officer who says he or she is of the same sex.

“This is a devastating blow to women’s trust in the police. Women are not even an afterthought in this guidance – they are completely non-existent. Everything is geared towards the sensitivities of the officer doing the searching,” she charged.

She said, “The NPCC like to talk about reducing violence among women and girls but this just makes you think they are hollow words. There is no concern for women here whatsoever.”

The Mail reported police departments across the nation also are dealing with a series of other scandals, such as charges two officers photographed two murdered sisters and shared images online.

She warned, “To top it off, if I as a woman was being strip-searched and I said ‘no, I’m not being searched by that officer, that’s a man’ I could be written up for committing a non-crime hate incident. The document then says that, if that does happen, they should consider giving support to the officer affected, not the member of the public. It is absolutely beyond belief.”

Heather Binning, of the Women’s Rights Network, said, “Female police officers should never be put in the position where they have to search men. Similarly, a woman should never be searched by a male officer, whatever ‘identity’ he claims.”

Robert Spencer, an online commentator, openly wondered, “How long can a society survive after it embraces and even enforces insanity and a refusal to accept reality? As it turns out, ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ was just a dry run. Far more egregious fantasies were in the offing. Aren’t the UK cops aware of the cases of ‘trans women’ raping real women in women’s prisons? Or do they just not care, because adherence to the Left’s shibboleths is all that matters?”

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