Stunning number of voters want Biden gone before his term ends

Joe Biden delivers remarks to the United Nations on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021. (Video screenshot)

One of Joe Biden’s slogans has been “Build Back Better.”

That distinctly uncomplimentary one about him, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” also is all over these days.

But perhaps the most accurate one available would be “Go Away Joe.”

The Daily Wire is reporting that a plurality of U.S. voters want Biden out of office in 2022.

That, of course, would be only midway through his term.

But his approval ratings in various polls recently have plunged down into the upper 30s. And there have been a multitude of crises since he took office not even a year ago, from his southern border disaster, to inflation, to the economy, to foreign policy, to Afghanistan, and many, many more.

The top one of the top 10 responses in the USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll, to the question on what voters wanted Biden to do in the next year, was to “resign/retire/quit.”

One in five voters made that his or her top preference, and it was the single biggest response in the poll.

No. 2 was “economy/jobs,” 11%, No. 3 was “unite/help the country,” 8%, No. 4 was “immigration/border control,” 8%, No. 5 was COVID/mandates,” 6%, No. 6 was “infrastructure,” 5%, No. 7 was “inflation,” 4%, No. 8 was “health care,” 3%, No. 9 was “climate change/environment,” 3%, and No. 10 was “bipartisanship,” at 3%.

An overwhelming majority of respondents say Biden should not run for a second term, “as his disapproval rating nears a staggering 60%.”

The poll reveals the willingness of many voters even to risk a Kamala Harris in the Oval Office, despite popular thinking that she is Biden’s best insurance against impeachment or removal.

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