'Superman' warming up 'in the bullpen' if Larry Elder doesn't win in California

Dean Cain as Superman in ‘Lois & Clark’

Is the Hollywood star who famously portrayed Superman in TV’s “Lois & Clark” going to run for office in California if Republican Larry Elder doesn’t win the upcoming recall election against Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom?

A weekend Twitter exchange with actor and filmmaker Dean Cain is raising eyebrows.

A self-described Superman fan named Janine Doherty Bilotti posted a photo of Cain in an apparent political role seated in front of a flag, saying, “Came across this pic….I have to say @RealDeanCain you make politics look good.”

Cain responded with his own message of strong support for Larry Elder in California’s recall, but added an intriguing “if”: “I’m hoping @larryelder becomes our new Governor of California. If not, I’m throwing in the bullpen—.”

“Throwing in the bullpen,” of course, is a baseball analogy referring to relief pitchers warming up to jump into the game if needed.

Cain, also known for his role in “God’s Not Dead,” received immediate encouragement, including:

  • “Dean should run for governor of California i think he would be great for our state.”
  • “Dean, you would be an exceptional governor if you decided to run. You have my full support, all the way from Australia! Fingers crossed for Larry and California!”
  • “Run for mayor of L.A.”
  • “You would definitely have my vote…California here I come…if that happens.”
  • “If he really did this, that would be freaking awesome. He’s definitely intelligent and he’d be the hottest person running lol.”

One person wondered what experience Cain actually had in politics, saying, “None! Zero! Nada! Sit down Cain, this isn’t your arena.”

Cain responded: “Where under ‘Qualifications to hold office in the USA’ does it say ‘must have experience in politics’? Thank you for proving my point — And I will NOT sit down, Sparky.”

Dean Cain and Larry Elder (Twitter)

Another commenter noted: “I think the state legislature is where the biggest change has to happen. Without a turnover happening in Sacramento, Larry could end up a figurehead.”

“True,” responded Cain. “Perhaps Larry could expose them to the light, and they’d scurry away like cockroaches!”

Cain retweeted a cartoon post from Elder himself, portraying Elder as David and Newsom as Goliath, alluding to the famous biblical showdown between the young shepherd boy and the giant Philistine champion.

Elder has other Hollywood supporters in his effort to oust Newsom.

Actor and comedian Adam Carolla is one of them, telling Newsweek, “I support Larry Elder because he’s the antithesis of Gavin Newsom: Smart, pragmatic and not owned by the teacher’s unions.”

Kevin Sorbo, a director and actor best known for his role as “Hercules,” is also backing Elder.

“Larry is a rock star and these labels the left throws at him are ridiculous. They even call him a ‘white supremacist.’ It’s crazy,” Sorbo told Newsweek.

“Hollywood can’t hurt me. They already tried. My agent and manager got rid of me a dozen years ago because I’m a Christian and conservative –– a double leper in Hollywood. They scream about tolerance, but it’s a one-way street. They jump on the socialist bandwagon but, believe me, none of them live like socialists. Larry will undo a lot of Newsom’s policies that have led to people leaving the beautiful state of California for lower taxes and more freedom.”

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