Taxpayers PAID FOR Biden's anti-MAGA hate-fest?

Against a patriotic background of buildings, flags and the Marine Band, and behind bulletproof glass, President Joseph Biden took the opportunity to bash at least half of the American population. It was his big speech Thursday night.

After hearing the president criticize the people who do not agree with him politically, I was left with a feeling of disgust. It seems to me that the man who is in the office of president of my country, declared the winner of the prior election, and considered the leader of the free world, would have more decency than to accuse his political opponent and his supporters of undermining democracy.

It was a cheap shot, and there was much more. He said that free elections are in danger, that our very democracy is at stake, and he warned of political violence, saying that those opponents are fanning those political flames.

All this – and the event was paid for by taxpayers. Great! Americans – Democrats and Republicans – were paying for their president to slam and insult them.

How did this happen?

What’s interesting with all this is that none of the major broadcast media networks carried the speech. That presents an interesting problem: What did they suspect that led them to decide to ignore the speech?

Regardless, it was a good decision. While radio in places did carry it, the Big 3 networks didn’t, and the audience didn’t miss anything except an old man insulting them and their political beliefs. The speech followed his recent criticism of the MAGA followers of Donald Trump as being believers of “semi-fascism.”

I don’t know about you, but where I come from, those are “fightin’ words” and have no place in today’s politics much less from the lips of the president.

Despite that, as I listened to callers on talk radio after the speech, many of them said they considered the address the “best presidential speech ever given – by any president!”

That will give you an idea of the mentality of a Biden voter – and we’re supposed to be suspicious of the mental abilities of Trump supporters.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy reacted to the the speech and didn’t mince any words. He said it was the Democratic president who was dividing America, not Republicans.

He said Biden had launched an assault “on the soul of America, on its people, on its laws and on its most sacred values.”

McCarthy spoke of Biden having “assaulted our democracy and that his policies have severely wounded America’s soul, diminished America’s spirit and betrayed America’s trust.”

Biden didn’t have any reaction to those words – understandably so.

As the battle continues regarding Donald Trump and the documents he had in his Florida house – legally or not – the American people are left with not knowing just what is going on. When and how they will find out the truth – if in fact, it ever does get exposed – remains a major mystery.

What is known is that with each day, the upcoming presidential election gets closer, and the word of gamblers is that Donald Trump will be on the ballot again. He hasn’t openly declared, but he also hasn’t avoided speculation.

One thing is certain, regardless of the ongoing Biden insults, Trump’s supporters will be loyal, and they will be there to cast their vote for “The Donald” when and if that day comes.

For them, MAGA is the only way.

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