Ted Cruz spotlights Biden administration ties to Chinese communists

Joe Biden’s reputation as a cheerleader for China has been reinforced by the revelations of his son’s influence-peddling business deals with figures tied to the communist regime.

Now, in a series of tweets, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas., is highlighting several Biden actions that benefit China as well as administration officials who have China links.

One Biden move is the rejoining of the Paris Climate Agreement, which imposes restrictions on the United States but not China. Biden also is rejoining the World Health Organization, which Cruz said “has done the bidding” of the Chinese Communist Party and “covered up COVID.”

The tweets were compiled by the RedState blog.

Cruz pointed to Biden HHS nominee Xavier Becerra, who “defended the CCP against allegations of human rights abuses claiming that China has a ‘different perspective’ on the issue.”

He also spotlighted the nominee for CIA director, William Burns, who led a think tank that accepted a $2 million donation from people linked to the Chinese Community Party.

Commerce nominee Gina Raimonda, Cruz said, “refused to commit that she would keep Chinese companies like Huawei (a spy agency impersonating a tech company)” on a banned list. And DHS pick Alejandro Mayorkas “allegedly abused his power to provide special government favors to benefit well-connected Democrats, which resulted in a high-level official at Huawei obtaining an EB-5 visa.”

The RedState report said the links between Biden and his nominees and China “go far and wide.”

“As you can see, the ties and corruption run deep. Someone like Gina Raimondo, who can’t commit to keeping Huawei, a Chinese controlled company that has spied on American citizens, on the Entity List, has no business being anywhere near the power levers of this country. The EB-5 scandal with Alejandro Mayorkas was previously reported. He has faced no punishment or real investigation. Others like Linda Thomas-Greenfield have simply acted as mouthpieces for the CCP, white washing their human rights abuses at every turn,” the report said.

“That Joe Biden would even bother to offer up any of these people is a testament to how little respect he has for voters and the press, the latter of which he knows will defend him no matter what. All of these ties to China, a nation that is clearly our top geopolitical and military foe, should have been immediately disqualifying.”

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