Terry McAuliffe spouts shameless COVID lies – multiple times!

  • “Just this week, 8,000 cases on Monday in Virginia. We in Virginia today, 1,142 children are in ICU beds.”
    – Former governor and current Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe, interview on WAVY, Oct. 7
  • “Today, 1,100 children are in hospitals here in Virginia.”
    – McAuliffe, interview with WJLA, Oct. 13
  • “We just had 4,000 cases yesterday here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. … We’ve just 1,142 children in serious, in hospitals, in ICU beds.”
    – McAuliffe, remarks at WRIC gubernatorial forum, Oct. 21
  • “Here in Virginia, you should understand, 1,142 of our children have been in hospitals because they got COVID.”
    – McAuliffe, event with former President Barack Obama at Virginia Commonwealth University, Oct. 23

Do you know where I got these quotes? A Washington Post Fact Checker report by Glenn Kessler.

Not a news story – a Fact Checker report. Not a news flash on page 1 – a Fact Checker report. That means these outrageous statements haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.

They are all lies – desperate, deliberate, calculated lies that all point in the same direction: COVID-19 HYSTERIA!

Glenn Youngkin is the Republican candidate for Virginia, seeking McAuliffe’s former job, and the Democrat is running scared. In fact he is so desperate he’s making up stories on the fly.

McAuliffe described Youngkin as an “anti-vaxxer,” whereas the ex-governor has been vaccinated and has encouraged others to get the jab.

Terry McAuliffe calls his slip-ups a slip of the tongue – but “his tongue kept slipping,” as Kessler notes.

“We first became interested in this issue when McAuliffe in the second and final debate on Sept. 28 said that there were 8,000 coronavirus cases ‘yesterday in Virginia,'” Kessler reported. “He then repeated the statement the next day and a week later, on Oct. 7.

“But when we checked the records, you had to go back to January to find a single day when a combination of confirmed and probable cases in Virginia got close to 8,000. On Sept. 27, there were fewer than 2,000 confirmed cases,” Kessler reported.

Then on Oct. 7, McAuliffe claimed that 1,142 of Virginia’s children were in ICU beds. For the week ended Oct. 2, the number of children in hospitals, not necessarily in intensive care, was just 35.

“But then he said it again, on Oct. 21: ‘We’ve just 1,142 children in serious, in hospitals, in ICU beds,'” Kessler reported. “That was still wrong: on that day there were only 334 people (of all ages) in ICU beds in Virginia, according the state health department data.”

In other words, he lies – often and especially when he talks to voters. He lies more easily when he is desperate. McAuliffe is used to winning in Virginia. With Youngkin closing on him just days before a key election – and all eyes on the race – he’s beyond desperate.

Notice McAuliffe always errs on the high side. He’s trying to create hysteria with the plague – while there is none to be found.

For this Kessler awarded the Democrat four Pinocchios for his “errors.”

McAuliffe is not just a politician running for office. He’s a dangerous demagogue who will say anything at any time and rarely gets caught.

It sounds like he’s been caught big time now.

In case you didn’t know, McAuliffe is backed by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama and any Democrat he can get – including Bill Clinton and Hillary whom he supported with campaign contributions worth millions.

But now his star is fading.

Who was Glenn Youngkin a few months ago? He was an unknown. He’s running for office for the first time – a businessman who has good instincts. He’s just taken the lead in this race for the first time as the Nov. 2 Election Day closes in on this first big vote since 2020 in a big state.

That’s the election Donald Trump “lost” by more than 10.5% in Virginia, if any numbers in that race can be counted on.

Glenn Youngkin is a promising candidate that has Terry McAuliffe running scared – and he’s putting Virginia back in play.

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