Texas AG: 'I can tell you there's lots of election fraud'

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says there’s “lots” of vote fraud, and states that claim the problem is only nominal do so simply because they don’t investigate.

“I can tell you there’s lots of election fraud. We just don’t come close to the resources we need in Texas to pursue all the election fraud we have, let alone what’s going on in other states,” he said in an interview with One America News Network.

He explained when he took over, the state had one prosecutor assigned to election fraud. Now there are three.

“Those prosecutors are busy all the time,” he said. “They’re overwhelmed with cases. The challenge of it is you have to develop the evidence, do the investigations. You can’t just bring charges because you get a complaint.

“I think a lot of other states have not pursued these claims, have not put the resources behind it. So then the narrative is really easy to say that there’s no election fraud because there’s no one prosecuting it.”

He said the solution in Texas is to keep expanding the prosecution team until they see the end of the problem.

“Since we’ve never gotten to the end of our cases. I would probably just keep increasing the size, like double, until we get to the point we’re getting to the end of the cases,” he said.

The report documented several recent cases of election fraud prosecution in the state.

Paxton advised other states, “It’s better to fight the fight up front, than deal with it after the fact.”

He said that during the recent election cycle, the state faced 12 lawsuits in which officials wanted to violate state law concerning mail-in ballots and other issues. The state won all 12.

See the interview:

Otherwise, he said, Texas would have been “a lot like Georgia” or states in which Joe Biden won narrow victories amid unconstitutional changes in election law and evidence of fraud and irregularities.

He pointed out President Trump won Texas by 620,000 votes, but in one county alone, a lawsuit had demanded permission to send out 2 million unsolicited mail-in ballots.

“We prevented a lot of the fraud that happened in these other states,” he said.

The lawsuits challenging the validity of votes in the 2020 election largely were dismissed on procedural grounds rather than on their merits.

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