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Thank you, Jenna Ellis! I’m glad someone is saying what I’ve been thinking for a long time.

I am sick of hearing Repubs (I call them rebuilt Democrats) go on and on about what a great job they’ve done and brag about how proud they are of their work. Yet, I look at America today and see a country going to hell in a handbasket. And all I can think is, what have you done to help America?

It seems to me that most, if not all, Repubs are just playing “Good cop, bad cop.” with the Democrats just to appease their people – and yet they are working the same agenda to destroy America. That’s what I see playing out in Washington and politically across our land.

So thank Jenna Ellis for finally bringing it to light, even in such a small way. I hope others will highlight more of the fakery and shenanigans of our such esteemed Repubs who promise the wind and deliver the whirlwind. It is great to see one person standing up to speak the truth.

Peggy Henry

Pretender in chief

Joe Biden is NOT the duly elected president. You would lend much more credence to your articles if you were to simply refer to him as “Biden” and not Ppresident Biden.”

The farcical theater playing out in D.C. is solid proof of a nearly successful coup that installed a globalist mouthpiece in the Oval Office.

The few news outlets that the 78,000,000-plus of us who voted for President Trump listen to should not be acknowledging legitimacy of a stolen election, nor that of the pretender in chief.

D.G. Gaydos

The erudite Apostle

[To Joseph Farah, regarding “God’s Word is the same FOREVER!”] There are two reasons Paul of Tarsus is so difficult to understand. The first is that he was deliberately mistranslated, especially in the KJV, because the translator was one of those “scribes” condemned in the Old Testament.

The other reason is that Paul of Tarsus was a highly educated scholar who spoke Hebrew, Greek and Latin, so he wrote on a higher level than did the other Apostles, who were just ordinary, everyday men.

I’ve been studying John’s epistles lately. They’re very interesting to read and quite revealing, especially if you read all of them, including the Revelation. So, I have to inform you that you left out two of the most important verses John ever wrote: 1 John 2:22 and 23. Two verses most priests, pastors and, ministers will not talk about.

Mike Martin

Bring ’em on!

If the vaccine door knockers come to my house, I will receive them with a biblical tract and tell them about my faith in Jesus.

It’s going to be a great opportunity. I will look forward to it!

God bless.



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