The 2024 battle plan to save a near-dead nation

Just how many elephants and tigers are there roaming the forest and flat lands of America? The short answer is an emphatic none. Yet, this past Christmas I saw television commercials begging for money to save elephants, tigers, dogs and cats. But, I saw no commercials with painfully long maudlin dirges and Hollywood actors doing voice-overs to save children from being murdered by their mothers and so-called doctors.

Oct. 7, 2023, we saw depraved people so demonically driven that they only marginally qualified as humans, slaughter and butcher women, children, babies, old and young without provocation. They were inhumane to the point of making the late Idi Amin, the African genocidal animal who barbarically slaughtered massive numbers of his own people, look quasi-kind and loving.

Instead of disgust and outrage for what sane people would view as indefensible behavior, college and university campuses became cheering sections for what had been done. Students celebrated the murder of the Jews, but they didn’t stop there. They held protests and rallies calling for the total extermination of Jews. Some Jewish people were refused services, even to the point of receiving medical attention, and it was done in America. The leadership of the institutions openly supported the discrimination against Jewish students. The rise of overt, unrestrained visceral anti-Semitism exploded exponentially. Jewish people were/are openly attacked in the streets. Protesters who supported the murderous attack on Israel closed down major highways in Los Angeles.

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Government officials who were elected by heretofore thought to be at least marginally sane individuals, posed with the phony flag of an area of land Arabs have historically never had a right to. Elected individuals placed these flags inside the government buildings that are taxpayer maintained.

The deconstruction of family, which not so long ago was viewed as the bedrock of America, was codified by an administration that’s more corrupt than the bootlegger barons of the Prohibition era. With the political party Biden represents not so secretly controlled by Obama, an Erebusic social outcast who boasts of his insatiable thirst to be sodomized by other men.

The public schools and sadly an ever-growing number of private fraudulently identified Christian schools are supporting the genital mutilation and behavioral modification of children to believe what only a short time ago would have led to institutionalization to treat what is obviously a mental illness. But, today such induced abnormal and paganistic, demonic behavior is forced upon children.

What I’m saying, I’ve been saying for many years, including before I became a born-again Christian and ordained minister. Only a couple years ago, I was the keynote speaker at a political event. My speech was based upon Psalm 11 and appropriately was entitled: “If the Foundations be Removed.”

The foundations America was founded upon were freedom of worship, family, education and the military. When I gave my speech at the political event, these foundations were on life support. Today, with the exception of the strongest and most dedicated individuals, those foundations are at the morgue.

Americans – with the exception of the most determinedly unwavering – eagerly and foolishly are complicit in the mortification of the nation that was the envy of the civilized world. Whatever lie, whatever damnable doctrine and edict that’s used to pollute our way of life is embraced.

I think of the lies of COVID-19 and how easily they were wholly embraced. I remember the number of people who rather than admit they had allowed themselves to deceived by fear and lies, claimed that they didn’t believe masks and distancing worked, but they went along out of respect for others. I remember the same thing being said about the deadly toxin masqueraded as a vaccine; that has resulted in an explosion of deaths, autoimmune damage and epidemic levels of cancer. Then there was the damage caused by the social isolation of families and children.

What I’ve just stated are facts. One of those facts is the death of America and the ushering in of the last days as biblically prophesied.

As early as the late 1980s, I warned that the disrespect and the breakdown of the foundations that made America great were going to lead to the downfall of the U.S. as we know it. I warned in sermons, speeches and in on-air interviews that the young people of the day were going to grow up to to be the future persons in control and making decisions that would have dramatic effect on the future of America. I warned that there was what amounted to an order of Jew haters, lying in wait for the moment their hatred of Israel and the Jewish people could be released with impunity. I warned the technology of something as simple as the VCR would lead to the breakdown of family, because it allowed for the unseen cataclysmic explosion of pornography and the sexual exploitation of children.

I and others warned that the so-called sexual revolution would lead to the ossification of aberrant social and sexual behavior, leading to the destruction of the foundations of America. In 2003, I began warning that words have meaning and that the redefining of language would lead to the only result possible, said being the redefining of truth and lies, and the redefining of right and wrong.

More men and women of God and more patriots are speaking out against this epidemic of evil. That said, I don’t believe the strategy of elect the right people as a means of combating this fatal encroachment of the dissolution of our societal foundations will work.

I believe that in the time remaining for America and the world as we have known it, we who factually understand the true nature and origin of what we’re confronted with must reach the reachable. We must be about reclaiming the foundations on a family-by-family basis. It’s up to you and me as individuals. The churches and the schools are infested with the debaucherous sickness of societal transmogrification and the zeitgeist of compulsive acceptance of godlessness. It’s a fool’s errand to believe politicians can save America, when they’re cut from the cloth of corruption. Consider how viciously they’re trying to destroy the one man who has made a difference since President Reagan, said being President Trump.

We’re no longer one nation under God. We must view ourselves as peoples, i.e., familial constructs under God. standing for and committed to the foundations addressed in Psalm 11, which are the foundations that made America great.

The neo-Leninist marplots of today are the progeny of the evil spawned in the generation passed. This generation is giving birth to the progeny that will lead in the future.

Weakness and indifference is no longer an option. Compliance is no longer an option. It’s time for every man, woman and child to report for duty according to the Word of God. And for those who argue there’s another way, I say those ways have been tried – and just where have they gotten us? Just how have they secured the foundations America was built upon?

Let all those who stand with me as we begin 2024, say Amen.

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