The border is a massive crime scene – and Biden dithers

You would think that with all the troubles facing this country, the man who is president would give some attention to what is happening on our southern border and what that reality is doing to the whole country.

But no – when the president is Joseph Biden, it is too much to expect that he will look at facts and act accordingly to preserve our domestic safety.

Have you heard or read of any comments from him about the tons of illicit drugs being brought into this country by the cartels?

I haven’t – but I have heard from law enforcement on the border about what they are facing.

One of those men is Mark Dannels, sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, right on the border. He says the war on drugs has returned because of the immigration crisis. He told Fox News that the Biden administration has set us up for failure, and it will only get worse unless the border is secured.

Dannels gave some shocking details of the drug crisis: “In this fiscal year alone, 10,000 pounds of fentanyl, 180,000 pounds of meth, 86,000 pounds of cocaine, 5,000 pounds of heroin, and 311,000 pounds of marijuana came across the border.”

Said Dannels, “Drug smuggling, along with national security, public safety and humanitarian issues, have combined to create a perfect criminal storm – this is the largest crime scene in the country.”

Another experienced voice had some devastating criticism of how Biden is handling the border crisis. Rodney Scott gave his first interview since Biden ousted him as U.S. Border Patrol chief. He’d served 29 years in the Patrol under five presidents. He told PJ Media, that he was “pushed out” after objecting to the inconsistency of Biden’s immigration policies.

He said that when he left his post, “the Border Patrol was arresting 6-7,000 people with an additional 1,000 getaways a day!” Noted Scott, “We have no way of knowing how many violent criminals, narcotics, or terrorists have come across undetected.”

Both he and Sheriff Dannels spoke of the effectiveness of what Donald Trump had done to secure the border. Dannels slammed the Biden administration for not continuing Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” policy. It required migrants to remain in Mexico until their immigration hearings were held. Biden has appealed a court decision that prevented him from ending the policy.

Dannels said in his area of Arizona, they “get 10,000 a month getaways – people being smuggled – single, male adults, 20-to-30-year-olds, that are being smuggled into the country that get away every month.” There are reports from many interior states that the crime level has increased as a result of many of these unaccounted-for illegals.

Hundreds of illegal aliens are bussed and flown to interior states, without details about the arrivals and numbers provided to the governors. For one, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is furious about the illegals being dumped in his state via hundreds of “stealth midnight flights.” The flights land in the middle of the night, and the people are bussed throughout the state. DeSantis is NOT happy about it!

Joe Biden is essentially ignoring the whole situation as is his vice president, Kamala Harris, who is supposed to be working on solving the border problem. The reality is that his administration is facing the worst border crisis this country had ever faced.

The reality is that apprehensions along the border in October set a new record. The Border Patrol reported 163,000 arrests last month. Their figures show that agents apprehended a total of 1,666,167 illegals on the border in 2021 – breaking all records since 1925, when the Patrol was formed.

An additional 294,352 were stopped trying to get through a port of entry without legal papers – which brings the total to nearly 2 million.

It isn’t helping that word has gotten out that Biden wants to pay illegal families upwards of half-a-million dollars each as part of a legal settlement.

And while all this goes on, it’s reported the administration has reopened the under-the-bridge detention area for this new overflow of illegals.

And then there is COVID. The president has ordered that all government employees be vaccinated by mid-November or face losing their jobs.

The Free Beacon reported that nearly one in five Border Patrol employees have not gotten their vaccine. If this holds, it means that up to 12,000 risk firing. Among the actual border agents, some 5,000 could be fired.

Supervisors are ordered to talk with each employee individually and tell them they must “upload their vaccination reports and failing that will produce consequences for them.”

Fox News reported that former acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan believes that the fact the agency is having to push supervisors to get workers to accept the shot shows the Biden mandate is a “colossal failure.”

It seems to me that any thinking American would want the president to answer some questions – namely, tell us the truth about the border crisis and say what you’re going to do about it – aside from firing unvaxxed Border Patrol agents.

Then what, Joe?

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