The Borg, the Matrix and the Greatest Reset

For followers of the science fiction television and movie series “Star Trek,” one of the most memorable and recurring antagonists is the Borg, a race of beings composed of organic and biomechatronic body parts linked together in a hive mind called “the Collective.” In their goal to achieve perfection, the Borg travel through the galaxy extending their power and control by integrating the knowledge and technology of other alien species through a process called “assimilation,” where individuals are forcibly injected with nanoparticles that alter their cellular DNA and transform them into drones for the Collective. Each entity within the Borg has no individual thoughts or will. They are in a group consciousness where all are constantly supervised, guided and controlled.

“Life imitating art” describes something occurring in real life the same or similar to something depicted in a piece of art or fiction. An example of this can be seen in the World Economic Forum (WEF), an organization that is a major mover and shaker in world affairs today. In June 2020, at its 50th annual meeting, the WEF announced the launch of the Great Reset, an initiative to reimagine the world and transform the global economy. Part of this effort involves transhumanism – the developing of technologies that cross physical, digital and biological worlds to improve human mental and physical capabilities.

One of the slogans of this effort is “Build Back Better,” a saying echoed by many political and business leaders around the world over the past few years. “Build Back Better” envisions a world where everyone is tied to a digital identification that links to a central-bank programmable digital currency, electronic health records, travel and a social credit score like the kind used in Communist China today. In short, every facet of life would be controlled by those who manage this system.

But in order to “Build Back Better,” the current world system must be dismantled, demolished and destroyed. Disruptions and chaos are either designed or exploited by these global elites to bring about their concept of a utopian society.

Many of us remember the 1999 science fiction action film called “The Matrix.” It depicts a future in which humanity is unknowingly trapped inside a simulated reality, the Matrix, which an artificial intelligence (AI) created to distract humans while exploiting the bioelectric power of their bodies as an energy source.

Another example of life imitating art is the Metaverse, a virtual world accessible through a special immersive headset that completely isolates a person from his immediate surroundings. This artificial world would allow people to escape the challenges of life to supposedly live the kind of fuller lives only the very wealthy experience in the real world. Those in this system would be so distracted in time that they may not realize their pacification, exploitation and loss of freedom (Revelation 3:17).

In an episode of television show “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Capt. Picard is abducted by the Borg and assimilated into the Collective. He is saved from their system and restored to humanity after he is rescued by the U.S.S. Enterprise crew and the Borg nanoparticles controlling him are removed from his body.

In “The Matrix,” protagonist Thomas Anderson was saved from the illusory world of the AI system and restored to humanity by Morpheus and his team when they unplugged him from the pod that imprisoned, controlled and exploited him as an energy source.

Many of those belonging to international efforts such as those promoted by the WEF and its allies are reminiscent of the kings of the earth in Psalm 2 who conspire against the Lord Jesus Christ. They seek to usurp His righteous rule by creating an artificial, dark reality where they think they can be the lords of life and death over a humanity they reimagine and recreate in their own image.

Capt. Picard and Thomas Anderson illustrate the idea of something too strong and too evil from which to escape by themselves. They needed outside help to save them from a terrible fate. Likewise, the “collective” or “matrix” being constructed by the global elites of today is too powerful and evil to escape on our own. We need Someone from the outside far more powerful and willing to save us – and that Someone is Jesus Christ.

Just as God overthrew and humiliated the gods of Egypt and delivered Israel from their captivity when they could not deliver themselves (Exodus 12:12), He will deliver us from the god of this world and his servants who seek to build an all-powerful false reality to enslave and destroy humanity.

Through His death on the cross, Jesus disarmed the rulers and authorities, making a public display of them, having triumphed over them (Colossians 2:9-15). He saved sinners who trust in Him from their captivity by canceling their unpayable sin debt on the cross.

Because Jesus rose again from the dead, He is the only one who can deliver His people from the clutches of those seeking to create the Great Reset. In scoffing laughter, Jesus will bring their plans to nothing and shatter their efforts with a rod of iron (Psalm 2:4-12; Revelation 11:16-18, 19:11-21).

As we live in the reality of Christ, we still live in a world corrupted by sin and run by wicked people who seek to distract and assimilate us into their “reality.” It can often produce a stress on our lives that makes us very weary. But the apostle Paul encourages us not to despair, but to live in hope (Romans 8:18-19).

Along with the aches and pains, the degradation of strength and the corruption our bodies experience over time in this world, all of nature undergoes a similar decay. There is nothing in the utopian transhumanist dream of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that can change this. It is a poor counterfeit that cannot deliver what it promises because of the sinful nature of man that ends only in death.

The true and only remedy is the salvation secured through the bodily resurrection of Jesus. We look forward not to an artificial, imperfect body made by fallen man that cannot last, but to an eternal, perfect body created by God and granted as a gift to all who trust in Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:1-4).

Though we groan within our earthly bodies, we have the guarantee of eternal life in Jesus as a present reality, even though we still see this through the eyes of faith.

At the heart of the gospel message is Jesus conquering death by rising from the grave. Because of this truth, those who believe in Him will experience a permanent upgrade (1 Corinthians 15:51-53).

The new world order of suffering and death came through Adam’s sin, but it was overcome by the Greatest Reset of Jesus dying on the cross for sinners and paying their debt in full (Romans 5).

The Great Reset has been thoroughly defeated by the Greatest Reset of Jesus rising from the dead. Because He is risen, the redemption of our bodies from mortality to immortality is certain, and along with creation we will experience the culmination of our longing to be with Jesus, our Redeemer, forever.

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