The can'ts, won'ts and wills

There is an age-old bromide that states there are essentially three types of people: The can’ts, the won’ts and the wills.

Allow me to apply that to the zeitgeist of today: The won’ts become media lapdogs fallaciously representing themselves as journalists; the can’ts become politicians, and regardless of what so-called party they belong to, the end result is still the same, i.e., they and theirs get filthy rich – you and I get the shaft. As for the wills: We are the ones who create industry and thus create jobs and merchandise; we are the ones who are most likely to speak the “Truth ” of the Word of God. There was a time when we were the ones who provided sound educations to children in classrooms and taught them to be proud American citizens. Today, with very few exceptions, in public schools the so-called teachers are commies, sexual deviants and sexual predators who are only marginally literate in the subjects they are supposedly teaching.

For the small handful who harken back to actually providing an education in the classroom such as I and those in my age group received growing up – you know who you are, and please except my deepest appreciation for being the rare exception.

We witness the won’ts at every turn. They are the providers of biased, yellow journalism and outright lies. They are the demonic avatars dispensing the vilest forms of agitprop. They “won’t” tell the truth if their lives depended upon it. Their employment certainly doesn’t depend upon being truthful.

And for those who are inclined to disagree, I remind you of the number of New York Times reporters and writers who have been exposed for outright lies, including the complete fabrication of incidents that never took place. Nikole Hannah-Jones isn’t the only pernicious falsifier of history celebrated by the Times.

Jason Blair may not be a wide-body with foppish red hair like a certain New York Times contemporary who is responsible for the fictional history called “The 1619 Project,” but he is no less dishonest. In the early 2000s, Blair made a name for himself by plagiarizing and fabricating a myriad of false articles and featured reports that were later exposed as completely false or plagiarized. His punishment was a generous book deal, the completion of his degree, numerous television plots, including “Law and Order,” and a documentary based upon his life to mention but a few.

There was also New York Times bestselling author (cough-cough), commentator and journalist Judith Miller who was regarded as the victim of a hoax anthrax letter. Imagine that. She wrote an inaccurate series of stories, inaccurate being the politically correct way of saying she lied. Among other rewards for failure was a generous book deal for her memoirs. The list of Times shoddy journalism is legion.

And let me not ignore CNN’s reporting. Here see my Sept. 3, 2018, syndicated article, “CNN: All Lies, All The Time,” which includes my reporting on Eason Jordan, CNN’s executive vice president and chief news executive, chairman of CNN’s editorial board and member of CNN’s executive committee. In an unsolicited revelation either boastingly or as an act of conscience-cleansing, Jordan, while he was the Iraq bureau chief for CNN during the Iraq War, revealed falsified reporting meant to maintain the good graces of Saddam Hussein; he also lied and secreted Hussein’s son Uday’s plans to murder two brothers-in-law.

Politicians are without equal as the can’ts. They as a collective manage to accomplish nothing, then get elected and accomplish even less while raking in fortunes. Talk about a nice gig if you can get it. I do not count inheritance nor the likes of Mitt Romney as examples of pre-election accomplishment.

The political equivalent of Sanford and Son’s Fred and Aunt Esther, better known as Obama and the Obama woman, in addition to Bill and Hillary Clinton, came into political office without a pot for micturition purposes nor the proverbial window to throw same out. But in the time it took Bill Clinton to beat, rape and molest Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey, the Clintons and Obamas amassed massive fortunes that enabled them to purchase multi-million dollar properties around the country and, depending upon whom you talk to, even the world. Nancy Pelosi is the princess daughter of a Baltimore, Marlyand, gangster. So it stands to reason that she would be skilled at extortion and political corruption.

There appeared to be credible evidence the homosexual lover of retired Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., was involved in a the operation of a homosexual prostitution service operating out of an exclusive elementary school in Bethesda, Maryland. Rep. Maxine Waters, schemed her way to millions of dollars after entering politics with nothing. From 1997 to 2017, Congress paid more $17 million in secret settlements for sexual harassment claims, and many of us believe the secret payouts included payment for abortions of female staffers even though no documented evidence of same has surfaced as such.

Politicians are without equal when it comes to being can’ts. They truly can’t accomplish a thing, but they have turned the ability to lie and deceive with a straight face into an art form.

Those of us who fall into the category of the wills are viewed as inferior lifeforms to the can’ts and won’ts. We’re those who want our guns, believe in family and cling to our Bibles. We are the ones willing to risk everything to accomplish our dreams. But the can’ts and won’ts curse us for daring to ask that they not impede our efforts to risk all to accomplish our dreams.

There are three groups of people. Two of the groups are constantly insulting and assailing the one group responsible for the creation of everything worthy – unless you are of those who believe things like AOC, Ilhan Omar et al. are actually working in the best interest of America. I would believe in unicorns before I’d believe the politicians and media, and that includes FoxNews and NewsMax.

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