The correlation between Afghan bombings and … election audits

Who would have thought? Afghan bombings are caused by Arizona election audits! It’s such a coincidence that it’s almost like it’s not. For months now the Big Lie in Big Media in America has been that the Arizona Senate’s audit of election processes in Maricopa County has already been discredited. Or maybe “discredited” is just a secret code word that shuts down most of the 81 million Democrat-voter thought processes that supposedly cast a ballot for Joe Biden.

The word “discredited” sitting off there in the corner by itself is an odd claim, though. The entire audit process was live streamed on the internet. Anyone with concerns about the audit processes could have watched everything and raised the alert on Big Media. Perhaps there are none so blind as those who will not look.

Afghanistan has been Afghanistan for a long time now. Its only function for America any more is as a distraction to take election-audit results out of the news cycle. Afghanistan treats women, children, families, Christians and other religions pretty much the way Islam, their religion, teaches them. It’s been like that since before the Soviet Communists sent their military over there to straighten things out. After they left with their tails between their legs, they handed the job off to America’s eager new nation builders, who are always ready to fix everything, by expending someone else’s blood, sweat and tears.

Big news is the opposite of fake news. Big news upsets the apple cart of Big Government’s agenda. Fake news pops up with “Breaking!” headlines any time the apple cart nears a pothole and is in danger of pummeling the approved narrative with its bruised apples.

Fake news supports the agenda of those in power, but hiding behind the scenes.

Around the time of President Kennedy, there was lots of hand-wringing in the media about the federal government’s new budget exceeding 100 billion dollars! Our population then was roughly 190 million. If our population today is roughly 330 million, why isn’t our budget today at most 200 billion dollars, or twice as big? Why are we looking at budgets of 4,500 billion dollars ($4.5 trillion)? Has the graft and corruption become that expensive?

Perhaps the real news in the images of Afghanistan human trauma and carnage is that our own elites know that free and fair elections really didn’t happen in America on Nov. 3. Maricopa County is the most populous in Arizona. It only needs 13,000 disqualified ballots to flip the vote from Biden to Trump. The larger the election discrepancies, the greater the pressure on the Arizona Senate to withdraw its Biden electors and appoint Trump electors, to correctly reflect the lawful popular vote.

The election audits are necessarily going to extend to all states with questionable election results, and there is a well-established move afoot to extend the audits to all 50 states. Long before that happens, however, the states with troubled election results will succumb to audits, and if fraud is verified that would have changed the result, they will be unable to resist the will of voters who will consider Biden to have been fraudulently elected, and they will decertify their electors. At that point the Biden government becomes illegitimate in the minds of a majority of Americans, and perhaps most foreign nations, with the possible exception of Communist China.

That’s why Afghanistan is suddenly in the news, folks. Atrocities and fear push aside election-audit results. The Democratic elites know they are standing on a bridge too far. They cannot stop the audits, because presidential elections are a state issue in the Constitution. Cackling Kamala is not going to step in and fix their problem, as most of us don’t think this is a laughing matter. Nancy Pelosi wants Kamala out of the way while she is still speaker, because she sees herself as next in line after Kamala for president.

If the Democrats’ entire “win” was illegitimate, the House falls next, and soon their entire government will be exposed to the world as illegitimate. They have nowhere to go, and every fake ballot uncovered by an audit takes them one step closer to oblivion.

“For the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.” Do you see the Righteous Judge now walking the halls of government?

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