The day the Lord guffawed with abandon

I frequently drive through mountainous areas, where a patch of road is bounded by mountain ranges on either side. Ordinarily it is the beauty of of the area that captures my attention, not the sounds. But that changed driving back home on June 24 of this year.

On my drive I noticed an unusual number of birds in the sky, and as I pulled over to park at the side of the road, I heard their cries mingled with what could only be described as laughter. When the car stopped I rolled down my window, and the valley was filled with gigantic peals of laughter! One no sooner expired than a new one began. They seemed to roll back and forth between the mountain ranges.

Any other explanation seemed impossible, so I audibly asked, “God, is that you?”

The laughing continued, but the Still Small Voice I have become accustomed to responded, “Yes, it’s me! It’s just so funny!”

Right now the world didn’t seem all that funny to me, so I asked, “What’s so funny, Lord?”

“What’s the big news today?” He asked.

“Roe v. Wade is overturned,” I said.

The laughter resumed, rumbling through the valley. It seemed an odd reaction to me, so I inquired about the laughter.

The still small voice resumed, even as the laughter continued. “I laugh at the plans of the wicked,” He said. “In the face of their efforts to reduce world population to their idea of ‘managing’ it by killing my people with designer diseases, fake cures and non-existent shortages, my Supreme Court just reversed the death sentences of millions upon millions of babies, forever, out into the future.

“I couldn’t help it. I began to laugh.

“They think that I am old, blind and deaf, and do not know what they are up to,” the voice continued. “I see their secret meetings. I hear their proud boasts. I am everywhere present, even in their secure facilities, even in the king’s bedroom. I know their thoughts, the desires of their hearts, and how they are consumed with spreading evil and death throughout My Creation – and their plans to rule over My Creation in the midst of the horrors they want to subject it to. The one they worship is dust under my Son Jesus’ feet. Their rejection of righteous leadership is what has led them to this condition.

“My Creation includes the babies and the children. I love My children, and I am rearranging the world more to their liking. I will install my own leadership within the very institutions the wicked have created to rule over my children and hijack my Creation for their own purposes.”

The voice continued: “Their plans for My Creation are not funny. But the thought that they can implement them in the face of My resistance – now, that’s funny!”

The laughter resumed, and I couldn’t help but join in. God is so much bigger then any of us can even imagine. It isn’t that our God is too small, it is our theology that is too small for the God we already have. In an effort to make ourselves bigger, we have made Him smaller. I suspect that He may find that humorous as well. He is now front and center.

The best is yet to come, but not for those who have attempted to co-opt God’s Throne!

Reference: Psalm 2.

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