The daydreams of a stroke victim – Speaker of the House Donald Trump

Maybe it’s because I know that the Constitution doesn’t require a speaker of the House of Representatives to actually be a member of the House.

Maybe it’s because I have more time on my hands.

Maybe it’s because I recently had five strokes.

Maybe it’s because I am convinced Donald J. Trump is the most qualified man to serve as president, again, with as much time as he needs to save America.

So, because I know all this stuff, it occurred to me how Trump could get at least six more years in office. He was cheated out of reelection in 2020, but all is not lost. Here’s how Trump could serve six more years as president, legally and constitutionally.

The Republicans take the House back in 2022. That seems likely, assuming we have a fair election.

Upon taking power in January 2023, GOP House leadership asks Trump if he is willing to serve as speaker of the House. Trump then presides over the impeachment of the current president. Of course, there may be enough Dems left in the Senate at that point, and RINOs, not to win a conviction in the trial. One never knows. (It’s merely an idea!)

Then Trump presides over the impeachment of the vice president on the same grounds. Do I need to recount the grounds for impeaching them both? I don’t think so. We’re losing our Republic!

At that point, the speaker of the House, Trump, automatically becomes president since constitutionally he’d be next in line – as well as a shoe-in for reelection in 2024.

But somebody is worried about this scenario – somebody who doesn’t support the idea of Trump being president for another six years.

Meet Brendan Boyle, a Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania. He has introduced a bill that, if signed into law, would allow only House members to become speaker.

Democrats apparently are concerned because President Trump, when asked about this idea weeks ago, called it “so interesting.”

Boyle’s bill is titled the “Mandating That Being an Elected Member Be an Essential Requirement for Speakership Act.”

Boyle explained specifically why he feared the constitutional status quo, and wants a change made:

“The speaker of the U.S. House is second in the United States presidential line of succession. That Donald Trump’s name would even be tossed around as a potential speaker in the people’s house, should serve as an alarm bell that our current requirements need to be amended in the name of protecting our nation and our democracy,” he said.

There were media reports that a “Trump spokesman” responded by saying the former president has no desire to be the House speaker.

A “Trump spokesman”? Who’s that? Do you believe some spokesman?

I was the person who dreamed up this admittedly unlikely scenario. It was titled, “Why wait for 2024?” published Jan. 24. I didn’t think Trump would have enough time in office to finish the job he started if he waited till 2024.

I’m particularly concerned about my biggest issue – the one that will be the Death of America. I’m talking about BIG TECH, one of the authors of the crime of the century – banning a sitting president from Twitter, censoring the Hunter Biden story, pouring money into drop boxes for early and insecure voting, and all the rest.

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