The Deep State's crumbling fantasies

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a sensible man who builds his house on the rock. Down came the rain and up came the floods, while the winds blew and roared upon that house – and it did not fall because its foundations were on the rock” (Matthew 7:24 Phillips).

Hubris doesn’t seem to be a problem amongst the secular-prone “intellectual” world that has governed America for ages. But then, why would it be?

  • They have had free rein in directing America’s thought processes. Public “education” was designed to indoctrinate leftist ideas into the nation’s population at an early age.
  • Colleges and universities went from “tenure” to protect free thought, to “tenure” to enforce groupthink among the faculty.
  • Big Tech required a well-indoctrinated workforce to code, but proved unable to comprehend intellectual diversity.
  • Government became the Deep State’s god, because they could use it to control people they disagreed with.
  • Fake elections took until now to be exposed, another Big Tech gift to the nation.

I guess they liked the Bible quote, “Start children off in the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6 NIV).

America was never a secular nation. How could it have been? The colonists’ victory over the most powerful war machine of that era would never have happened without Almighty God’s interference.

Speaking of interference, that is exactly what God intended his Word to provide to humanity. Academics arose from their cloistered system to assure everyone around them that God did not exist, the world and indeed the entire universe were the product of an accidental Big Bang, not God’s deliberative Creation. Churches rushed to stuff bits of scripture into the holes in the theory. Schools collected money from taxpayers everywhere, but erected secular excuses for what God had always taken credit for. The entire educational apparatus became a home for godless skeptics with secularly constrained imaginations. Churches confined their influence in society to an hour every Sunday and the celebration of religious holidays. God’s supernatural power was sermoned-down until it didn’t seem so scary to church attendees, and they were not asked to contribute beyond the natural.

America and the West got here ourselves. The devil didn’t even need to help us. But he was always ready to accept new converts who knew the natural world just couldn’t explain everything, but didn’t want God to get credit for it.

The war we are now in has been ongoing since Adam and Eve first believed the devil’s lies. Satan has been using the same lies on those who would rule the universe that he used on the man and the woman to whom God had given authority over the Earth. “Has God really said …?” followed by yada, yada, yada. The yadas sound different from government, education, entertainment and the rest of yadaland, but they can’t wait to assert authority that they don’t possess over the rest of us to build an army of groupthinkers intent on doing Satan’s will.

Why wouldn’t God’s renegade angel continue on with what worked in the past? It’s been working since the very beginning, and the ride from the beginning has been obscured by the biggest pair of blinders in all of creation.

The reason the Deep State’s fantasies of world domination are crumbling is they forgot: God controls time. They have tried to accelerate the time table for the Great Tribulation, but God is very fond of the timetables he has already established.

The Deep State’s man-machine technology merger was in its infancy. They have now failed in their stillborn effort to gain control of humanity and cancel our freewill through Big Pharma and Big Tech. God is now engaged in the biggest slapdown these prideful men and women have ever experienced. Everything they have built to accelerate the timetable for their fantasies is being torn down. They will experience the most crushing defeat the world has ever seen, as the God of the Bible shifts back into Old Testament mode, and crushes them.

God says he never changes, so why would we believe that He had? The book of Acts in the Bible is the most authoritative picture of the new assembly of God’s people, known as the church. In Mark we read of Jesus, “Then he said to them, ‘You must go out to the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature. He who believes it and is baptized will be saved, but he who disbelieves it will be condemned. These signs will follow those who do believe: they will drive out evil spirits in my name; they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up snakes, and if they drink anything poisonous it will do them no harm; they will lay their hands upon the sick and they will recover'” (Mark 16:17 Phillips). Yet multitudes of churches have added unto the scripture, by assuring us that “these things” disappeared with the death of the original Apostles. Maybe the Mark still has something to tell us today? Maybe we should listen?

The Bible speaks of a great tribulation; therefore there will be one. But prophetic timing is difficult to translate, especially into our Gregorian calendar. (I’m assuming God still uses the Jewish calendar.) It’s also easy to miss something because we are not looking for it. For whatever reason, today’s church seems to want to skip over the arising of the sons and daughters of God.

“It is plain to anyone with eyes to see that at the present time all created life groans in a sort of universal travail. And it is plain, too, that we who have a foretaste of the Spirit are in a state of painful tension, while we wait for that redemption of our bodies which will mean that at last we have realized our full sonship in him. We were saved by this hope, but in our moments of impatience let us remember that hope always means waiting for something that we haven’t yet got. But if we hope for something we cannot see, then we must settle down to wait for it in patience” (Romans 8:22, Phillips).

I wonder if today’s church is better described by the wise and foolish virgins awaiting the return of the bridegroom (Jesus). Jesus is the only one who never makes a mistake. I think we are wise to assume that God may still have some work that he is doing with the Bride, and that we are closer to that graduation ceremony than to her withdrawal from all the world’s troubles. The Bride does not yet comprehend her power in the world, but she soon will.

Armageddon Story, by Craige McMillan

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