The Democrats' despicable plan to nationalize elections

The polls had not opened on the West Coast when Democrat partisan and Hillary Clinton sycophant Marc Elias had filed a challenge to the Pennsylvania vote count. Elias characterized the action as an effort to protect the most vulnerable voters against the burdensome rules of despotic Republicans. Pure bovine excrement.

Arguing the logical issue “to count or not to count” is not the true purpose of the Marc Elias lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in federal court, ignoring the constitutional assignment of elections to the states. Why? Because with some careful judge shopping Democrats will be able to piece together federal case law and nationalize elections.

Once nationalized, elections will have no more meaning than the vote in Beijing or Moscow. The U.S.A. will be in one-party lockdown mode. While predictions mid-Election-Day are sometimes dangerous, within 48 hours of Election Day there will be judge-shopped challenges to state election procedures filed by Democratic lawyers in many states.

The Pennsylvania case was a given. Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman lost his ability to think and no longer could determine if a federal court action is a good or a bad idea. He is there to be manipulated. Voters have a prominent example of how this works in President Joe Biden.

The Democratic Party leadership has a multifaceted campaign underway. Win or lose the Congress, the campaign will continue.

Stage one was the deplorable, repeat performances by Biden to attack Republicans as fascists, to declare the GOP is a threat to democracy. Hillary Clinton, who often used Marc Elias’ uniquely partisan legal skills, backed Biden, suggesting these threatening right-wing conspirators should not be allowed to vote.

For more than 70 years, the official Democratic position on voting has been that all state rules discriminate against the poor and the downtrodden and are designed to prevent U.S. citizens from participating in elections. Conflicting ideas to do change the Democrats’ narrative. The official party position on illegal aliens is they should be allowed to vote too, even it that disenfranchises and dilutes the votes of citizens they say they want to protect.

Clinton went too far afield in her prepared remarks when she declared it was extreme to the max to suggest states should be allowed to participate in elections. It was, she said, unbelievable that states should be involved! She repeated it for emphasis.

As the votes begin to be counted, various state bureaucracies will fail to do their job, particularly in Democrat-majority states. There will be a multitude of news stories about broken machines, machines that cannot count. In fact, it has started already. Democrats will use these “glitches” to demand more federal rules to “protect the right to vote” and “to have every vote counted.”

“Congress must act now” will echo from press conference to press conference. But this is assigned to the states and it has worked for hundreds of years.

As this is ongoing, if Democrats lose the U.S. Senate and House, their campaign of smearing all non-Democrat voters as haters, racists, Nazis, fascists and women haters, gay haters etc. will intensify.

Just as is the case with destruction of the justice system, the Democrats’ real goal here is to nationalize elections.

The first thing to be eliminated by a permanent Democratic majority will be the Senate filibuster, followed in quick order by the elimination of the Electoral College. Henceforth, the mob will rule. Presidents will be chosen solely on the basis of the popular vote.

The control of information in both media and internet, combined with the demise of journalistic standards in the few newspapers left in America, will mean the popular vote will be whatever the ruling party wishes it to be.

Weeks ago the Democratic Party acknowledged, even bragged, about the fact it had teams of lawyers ready to challenge this election. The smart money will be on filing of these challenges in federal courts.

Democrats knew on day one of the Biden presidency their goal was not humdrum day to day political leadership, but leadership with a revolution in mind. If a political party was really concerned about winning elections, would their leader threaten nuclear war with Russia just days before the vote? Would the president go out of his way to insult the 75 million Americans who voted against him by calling them fascists, unpatriotic idiots?

There are a dozen examples of this. But the point is clear. To borrow a word from Biden, this is a “transition” election. Sure the Democrats risk temporarily losing their grip on power, but their campaign is not to win a single election. It is to secure a nation.

It is unlikely a free man or woman is going to voluntarily give up his or her freedom. Americans have proven they will go to war to secure freedom. So by what mechanism can the Democrats “transition” to a different kind of government?

Chaos. Civil chaos leads to omnipotent government.

COVID chaos set aside nearly every provision of the Bill of Rights.

Crime chaos keeps as many people home or out of public view than did COVID fears.

Educational chaos pushes deviate sexual abuse.

Educational chaos also promotes the “transitional revolution” of raced-based hatreds through Marxist critical race theory.

Energy chaos threatens to empty supermarkets, stall trains, planes and cars, and cut off food production, all to fix a non-problem of climate change.

Border chaos in 19 months has allowed in an illegal population equal to New England sans Connecticut and Massachusetts or the combined populations of Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming.

Then there’s the financial chaos, led by double-digit inflation driven higher by printing money.

One final chaos point. As this is written and this election is tallied, the results will be denounced, questioned and refuted.

There is sufficient chaos in the key areas of society to bring down and destroy the greatest government known to human history. And even if the political watchers have it right, and there is a political party change in the national legislature, the wolves will continue to attack, frustrate and demean as the Marc Elias lawyer clones seek to extinguish freedom.

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