The Dems' despicable strategy to minimize midterm losses

The Democrats’ strategy to hold on to the House and Senate is now taking shape – and it’s despicable.

In 1996, when Barack Obama ran for the state Senate in Illinois, he successfully had all his opponents removed from the ballot. Then Obama was elected. That legal maneuver proved to be a very successful ploy, one Democrats are trying to employ now.

Many Americans ask why are Democrats, RINOs and the liberal media are so intent on calling Jan. 6 an “insurrection” when the FBI clearly stated that the incident was a spontaneous riot, not an insurrection. And why are Democrats, RINOS and the liberal media so determined to link Trump and many other Republicans to the Capitol fracas as participants when they clearly were not?

Well, the current case against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., is exposing the real intent of those Democrats, RINOs and the liberal media cartel.

According to the 14th Amendment, a person who participates in an insurrection against the USA is no longer allowed to hold any public office ever. So RINOs and Democrats in Georgia have colluded to file suit against Green, accusing her of participating in the Jan. 6 incident as an insurrection. If that is successful, then Democrats and RINOs have another dozen incumbent Republican Trump supporters targeted, and possibly Trump also, to keep them all from running for office.

This is Barack Obama running for the Illinois Senate all over again. Legal tricks.

And so the Democratic strategy unfolds!

Since Democrats are expected to suffer huge losses in this November’s midterm elections, their only hope in maintaining control of the House is by employing legal tricks.

Voila! Now we see the real reason for the Jan. 6 House committee. If it establishes that the 1/6 incident was an insurrection, then it can claim that all who participated in it were insurrectionists who are not allowed to hold public office ever again, per to the 14th Amendment. And they will attempt to do it without due process by the courts. The accused will be found guilty by the Jan. 6 committee without a day in court.

Democrats tried this same strategy against Trump with their second impeachment of him. Now they are trying to do it again, this time through the back door of deceit.

Originally, Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that the Jan. 6 committee was to look into how the riot happened. Well, that morphed into a “get Trump” mentality. Every member of that committee voted to impeach Trump, including the two “Republican” members. Not one person who voted “no” on impeaching Trump was allowed on the committee. Not one.

So several questions are now on the table related to the lawsuit against Green:

1. Was Jan. 6 an insurrection? If the court determines “no,” as the FBI stated, then this game is over for Democrats and RINOs.

2. What constitutes participating in an attempt to overthrow the government as per the definition of insurrection? Obstruction of Congress is not an overthrow of government, so that accusation does not comport with an insurrection.

3. Did Congresswoman Green participate in an attempted “overthrow,” or did she just practice her First Amendment right to free speech and assembly?

If Democrats and RINOs are successful in this legal maneuver, then what does that mean for the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election?

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