The depressed, suicidal West: The Christian solution

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Depression is now an epidemic in the West that permeates society with emptiness, sadness, hopelessness, anger, loss of interest in life, and insomnia.

One in four Americans struggle with depression, one in four high schoolers identify as LGBT, including those with all the sad problems that come for young individuals who struggle with feelings of not being the sex they were born into. The sorrow must be unbearable, the sense that something is fundamentally wrong with you.

It is hard to fathom the pain this young generation must be in, living in a country where drug abuse is so rampant that over 50% of the entire population has used them. Drug overdose deaths are nearing 1 million individuals since 2000 alone.

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Then there is the sky rocketing suicide number. One out of three teenage American girls have contemplated killing themselves. Fifty-seven percent of teen girls say that they feel great sadness or hopelessness. Ten percent of girls and 20 percent among gay-bisexual youth have attempted suicide, reports CBS, citing CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Social isolation, struggling with self-image, sexual violence, bullying at school, the horrors of the unchecked world of TikTok and social media are among the tragic triggers to all this unhappiness.

The Mayo Clinic defines depression solely as a mood disorder, an illness that leads to apathy. It is not a weakness, says Mayo Clinic, and you cannot snap out of it. In our Marxist, atheist culture that focuses solely on the materialistic realm of life, we now have very few remedies left to offer the young and those struggling, apart from prescription pills that reduce symptoms and to “talk about it” with a psychologist.

American society has completely forgotten its traditional methods of how to conquer depression and meaninglessness. It has gone from a predominantly Christian country to a Marxist culture that detests traditional values and its advice for a healthy, happy life. Yet, you cannot tear down the very pillars of society – causing the total breakdown of the family, opening the flood gates for drugs, abortion and nihilist meaninglessness – without long-term effects.

The traditional methods, the religious Christian view on how to handle depression and suicidal thoughts, is extremely hard to come by. Why? Should not those struggling with a lack of willingness to live, have the right to choose which methods they would like to try to conquer such self-destructive behavior?

Science proves that faith has a strong positive impact on mental health. Since 2000, over 6,000 studies have been published that document the constructive influence of religion on illness. Meditation and spiritual thinking literally changes your brain. In “How God Changes Your Brain,” neuroscientist Andrew Newberg and therapist Mark R. Waldman present evidence from brain-scan studies that incorporate spiritual experiences. Their breakthrough discoveries show how prayer reduces stress, slows down the aging process, and reduces anxiety, depression and sadness. It increases feelings of compassion and love. Prayer and spiritual meditation change brain structures, altering the way you see reality.

Since atheist nihilism teaches that the world is meaningless and traditional values are useless, it infuses into society a tragic cynicism that is the very opposite of the positive glow of hope found in the Bible. Religion explains how to deal with the spiritual dimensions of life. It applies a holistic approach, looking into why we get sick or unhappy in the first place. We are more than patients who need medication; we have a body, soul, and spirit – with its metaphysical reality.

The Bible, as God’s word to humankind, has sold more than 3.9 billion copies the last 50 years alone, and is the most read book in the world. It teaches you how to deal with evil forces that attack the mind and how to conquer Satan whose wish it is to corrupt and destroy the human race. It is a recipe on how to live the best possible life.

The Bible teaches how to emerge victorious when facing the shadow of the valley of death, how to mentally choose to follow the light rather than darkness, how to keep your mind in the perfect peace of God. Man’s job is to learn how to connect to that which is pure and good. He is to free himself from that which poisons the mind: envy, greed, arrogance, vanity, pride, bitterness, and choose redemption.

Jesus exemplifies the perfect life, full of love and compassion toward others. There is no stronger name in the spiritual world than the name of Jesus. It is at this name that the demons tremble. Destitute young Americans should be told this message of groundbreaking hope.

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