The elites' game of thrones: It's always the peasants who pay

The world has watched with apprehension the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The causes behind the invasion are complex, of course. Money, power, economics, greed, vindictiveness, resources, stupidity, political weakness, shortsightedness – all are contributing factors to this conflict.

But one thing is crystal clear: It’s the peasant who will pay the price of this – and every – conflict. By “peasants,” I mean anyone who isn’t part of the worldwide political or economic elite; the great unwashed who are regarded with such seething contempt by the leaders; the innocent civilians who will have the misfortune to be caught, literally or figuratively, in middle of the games of thrones taking place all over the world.

“Russia unleashed a massive assault on Ukraine Thursday morning, attacking its neighbor by land, air, and sea in a dramatic takeover attempt that’s already seen dozens of civilian casualties,” reports this the Washington Examiner. Those “dozens of civilian casualties” means a whole bunch of innocent people got blasted away for no other crime than living in a place Putin wants to take over.

A tragic short clip says it all: “The children are always victims. Here you see a child struck by missile. For what? So an empire can be built, great …”

While leaders – both visible and invisible – move their chess pieces around on the world stage, the pawns (peasants) are paying the price. Energy costs will skyrocket even higher than they are currently. People everywhere will be paying more for a gallon of gas or to heat their homes. Europe – dangerously dependent on natural gas from Russia – is especially vulnerable.

This game of thrones isn’t just “elsewhere.” It’s here, too. Right in our backyard.

Canada and the recent Freedom Convoy is a fine example. Truckers – arguably one of the most vital components of a modern society – simply wanted freedom from mandates so they could do their jobs. They gathered peaceably in Ottawa to make their wishes known. What? How dare they question their masters! Smash them! Make those peasants pay! Call them domestic terrorists! Arrest them, freeze their bank accounts, steal their trucks, close down their livelihoods, kill their pets, remove their children!

Some naïve souls might think such things could never happen in America, but as should be clear by now, when extremists are in power they do the extreme. We’re no exception. When hundreds of thousands of small businesses shuttered during the pandemic lockdowns – businesses built with years of hard work and sacrifice – who among the elite cared? Those businesspeople are just peasants.

Consider Biden’s first year in office. With a vindictive agenda to undo everything Trump did for no other reason than Trump did them, Biden ended our energy independence and threw open our borders. He oversaw a tragic and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. He’s engaged in flying unvetted migrants (including Afghan refugees) throughout America in the dead of night and dumping them on unsuspecting and unprepared communities. Human trafficking and drug smuggling has exploded. Gas and energy prices are climbing, and inflation is higher than we’ve seen in 40 years. He’s being called “Bare-shelves Biden” for a reason. In short, the Biden administration has been an unmitigated disaster, with failures too numerous to list.

Each of these executive orders or political decisions resulted in lost jobs, lost homes, lost livelihoods and lost lives among the nameless, faceless populace. But who cares? They’re only peasants. It’s the peasants who pay.

Is a régime punctuated by scandals and failures? No problem! All the leaders have to do is wag the dog! Invade a country, bomb an overseas aspirin factory, implement a state of emergency, freeze bank accounts, shut down the internet, or instigate just about any other nasty piece of mayhem their devious little minds can dream up. It’s just chess pieces, right? Who cares who loses their lives, livelihoods, or life savings?

“It’s important to understand that most conflicts between the East and the West are engineered conflicts, and the leaders of both sides are not really at odds with each other,” notes columnist Brandon Smith. “Rather, these wars are Kabuki Theater; they are wars of convenience to achieve covert ends while mesmerizing the masses with moments of terror and calamity. … War is always a distraction from economic sabotage.”

And of course, now we’re dealing with the prospect of the ultimate game of thrones, the Great Reset where we can all look forward to owning nothing (but don’t worry, we’ll be happy). Currency will be digital, so every account and purchase can be monitored and approved (or frozen). Your social credit score will judge your degree of wokeness, your carbon emissions and political suasion, which in turn will determine your transportation options, your diet, your prospects for the future, career choice and every other aspect of your life.

The Great Reset reads like a Who’s Who of world leaders both on and off the stage, controlling the peasants with puppet strings of economic collapse, wars, famine, disease and other apocalyptic calamities. What joy! I can’t wait until we’ll be happy again!

And of course, the peasants will pay.

One of my favorite books is “The Far Pavilions” by M.M. Kaye, which takes place in 19th-century India. The main character, Ashton, is 4 years old at the time of the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. Both he and his Hindu foster-mother Sita are caught up in the brutal events that took place during the Rebellion and are forced to flee, hiding in jungles and trudging through remote villages in search of a safe haven. The author describes their situation as follows: “But many who must reap the whirlwind [the aftermath of the Mutiny] were as blameless and bewildered as Sita and Ash-Baba, blown helplessly before the gale like two small and insignificant sparrows on a wild day of storm.”

History is littered with the suffering and corpses of peasants who were smashed like small and insignificant sparrows in the stormy whirlwind created by tyrants. What we’re seeing now is nothing new. After all, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

It’s all a game of thrones. What the future holds, no one knows. But one thing is certain: The elites will profit, and the peasants will pay the price. The elites will gain power, riches, fame and territory. The peasants will lose. It always has been this way, and it always will be. Some things, tragically, never change.

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