The elites' 'transition' to hell on Earth

No kidding. Sweden announced Nord Stream 2 was attacked. Obviously, there was an explosion, and obviously, that explosion was sabotage.

What is most remarkable is the unified reaction of the United States of America civilian, military and intelligence services leadership. For six years now everything bad that happens in the world is blamed on Russia. This incident is no different.

The preponderance of this propaganda leads one to believe the Democratic Party is living in the midst of the Cold War, and official Washington wants war with Russia. In fact, official Washington is openly talking about direct U.S. conflict with Russia.

A new months ago, President Joe Biden said he “would end” Nord Stream 2 if Putin invaded Ukraine. He said we would “make it happen.” So when the big bang happened beneath the sea, it was all “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Former CIA Director John Brennan said so. Former Gen. David Petraeus said so. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said so. Petraeus went so far as to game out how the United States could sink the Russian Black Sea fleet in retaliation for the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. A pipeline in the Baltic Sea became the catalyst for tactical nuclear strikes and war in the Black Sea. Please explain.

For his part, virtually every word Joe Biden has spoken since Russia started moving military assets toward Ukraine has been provocative, insulting and dangerous. The weak and mentally incompetent president has bluffed his way through decades of his Senate occupation and now retreats to his “behind the gym” approach to deal with Vladimir Putin.

The general U.S. response has been madness. The America public is told by the Washington leadership and the media that Russia blew up its own pipeline for some nefarious reason. No one in a leadership position that matters has suggested Russia could have simply refused to sell oil to northwestern Europe and keep its pipeline investment intact. An obvious alternative would be to simply close the valves, also keeping its pipeline intact. Why damage what you just paid to create?

Since Russia is not an economic power, and since Russia depends upon the revenue from the sale of hydrocarbon fuels, how could it possibly be in its own interest to destroy its economic cash cow?

Before Biden, the U.S. was an energy exporter capable of providing lifesaving hydrocarbon fuels to Germany in such a crisis. Biden took care of that strength on day one.

Clearly, Russia does not gain from the attack upon its pipeline. Equally clear, then, is the reality that the Biden administration leadership is lying to the American people.

Why? What is the motive?

The Germans and their neighbors in Europe face a winter without adequate electrical power.

As noted, the Russians lose vital economic income from the sale of natural gas.

Consider the fact Joe Biden, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and the entire Democratic Party have made clear their goal is to eliminate all carbon emission sources as soon as possible. Mandates are being issued almost daily, from the elimination of gasoline engines to the rebuilding of entire cities with the singular purpose of achieving energy efficiency. Driven by fear of carbon, which is the most common element on Earth, the climate change cultists are willing to restrict the growing of food to feed 8 billion people. The climate cult changes to agricultural practices would leave half that population of 8 billion without food. Only a cult would advocate starving 4 billion people to save humanity.

Climate change is characterized by these people as an “existential threat” to humanity and that, in their tiny, malfunctioning minds, means everything must be done yesterday to save the world.

Obviously, the destruction of much of Europe’s hydrocarbon supply is a major benefit to the carbon alarmists and the climate cultists. The loss of Nord Stream 2 is as big as Joe Biden’s abandonment of the Keystone pipeline and the multitude of federal regulations to block oil and natural gas production in the United States.

Worldwide, socialist leaders are promoting climate control “solutions” with one thing in common: Each would require massive political consolidation.

For starters, we can no longer have nations. Independent nations might opt for expensive hydrocarbon fuels. So there must be a world government and that world government must be able to impose uniform solutions. We would not take a vote on “existential threat” solutions.

Occasionally, major international events have more than one purpose. In this case, the orchestrated U.S. response to Nord Stream has been to blame Russia and talk up nuclear war.

What would a nuclear war mean to humanity? Chaos. Chaos on a scale that required a worldwide response, done on a crisis schedule, without the niceties of discussion, public consideration, voting, or nations. The solutions would be akin to the restrictions during the international test case imposed upon society during COVID. Do what you are told by government authority to do, or else. You must surrender all your personal freedoms guaranteed by God or you will be driven out into the desert and left to die.

Socialists throughout the world have been writing about and talking about the necessity of eliminating nations since the end of World War II. After eight decades of advocacy, planning, rewriting of history, and the destruction of social order based upon morality and individual achievement, we may have reached the climax. Joe Biden uses the one-world euphemism “transition.” He means a transition from national government to world control.

The destruction of Nord Stream 2 and Joe Biden’s prediction it would be destroyed by the United States are not accidents.

Whenever someone attempts to examine the actions of leaders, those leaders and their companies do not debate, or reason together. They instead dismiss the entire subject as a “conspiracy theory” or its contemporary equivalent, “misinformation” or “Russian disinformation.”

That dismissal is both insulting, and “disinformation.”

Fact: The people of Russia and the people of northwestern Europe do not benefit from the destruction of Nord Stream 2. The resulting chaos only benefits those people pursuing a “transition” agenda.

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