The eternal power of Christmas

First, Merry Christmas! This is an excellent time to remember that God transcends the natural world. Put another way this means that God is both inside the natural world and outside of the natural world.

What this means in shorthand is that God has solutions to all our problems, both as individuals and corporately as humanity. God’s transcendence means that not only do we not see (as in recognize), but we cannot see (are blinded) unless God’s guiding wisdom is revealed to us by God’s Holy Spirit.

The vast majority of people living in our world do not see solutions to the problems that 2020 has so brazenly left at the doorstep of 2021. That’s because this vast majority of people are not connected to God through his Spirit, which is what the New Testament plainly teaches.

Just as a brief refresher, we only have this access because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. There are not many paths; there is only the one. This is the nature of the universe: God makes the rules about how everything operates, and everything follows His rules. He, however, is not bound by the rules he has created for everything else. Transcendence.

Maybe we’d all understand this better if we slept on bedrolls under the night sky, gazing at the stars twinkling down on us, like some cowboys still do. No social media overlords. Just one person and God, spending some time alone with each other.

I guess that brings us back to Christmas. Without Christmas, we would have no access to God. We would know Him only through commandments written in stone that we could never keep to his satisfaction and divine wisdom that we could never understand.

Christmas is also an expression of Love, because of what Christmas cost Jesus. He didn’t have to enter his creation as a man. He didn’t have to die in our place, so that we could be forgiven of our far-less-than-perfect lives. Yet He willingly chose to do so. Is that not a miracle?

Perhaps Christmas is what allows us to transcend ourselves. That alone would be a miracle! You mean that everything isn’t about me? That he who dies with the most toys doesn’t win? Imagine no social media overlords, working tirelessly to reduce men and women to an algorithm, while they line their pockets with our humanity. Eternity etched in silicon. The social hierarchy that consumes so much of our time and effort, and which compels us to climb over the backs of others to reach the top, only to learn that its pretty lonely up there at the top, and there’s another range of mountains off to the side that you never noticed before.

Christmas is a reminder that God’s ways are not man’s ways. But here’s how amazing God is: If you are willing to sign on as a student, God will teach you what His ways are and how to apply them in any given situation. Imagine a group of people who have undergone God’s training, who understand God’s will for the people and the nations of the earth and who are, even now, being placed into positions where they can implement what they have learned.

Large numbers of God’s own people dismiss this as fantasy. Too many Americans believe that God should just ignore 300 million Chinese Christians, who endure daily persecution for their faith beyond anything we can even imagine. Jesus died for each of us, and He would do it again if it were necessary. Perhaps Christmas can help us to see the world around us with His eyes. Now that would change the world.

Reconnaissance. Come in and have a look around.

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