The evil man behind the world's most dangerous man

The problem with elected officials isn’t always the elected politician themselves, but their behind-the-scenes crew of so-called advisers, counselors and strategists.

It’s been said, though not anymore, that “behind every great man is a great woman.”

Oh, is that sexist? Well, too bad.

Take, for example, one of our Founding Fathers and second president of the United States, John Adams. He would have never reached the heights he did without the intelligent counsel of his wife Abigail.

But the opposite is also true. Behind every bad politician, or bad leaders of any kind, are often even worse advisers. Heck, even good leaders will often have bad advisers.

President Trump is a perfect example of good leader who had many bad advisers. They didn’t work in his or the nation’s interest, but worked against him, covertly pushing their own agendas.

But none of them held a candle to someone like Cass Sunstein and his America- and Israel-hating wife, Samantha Power. There’s a match made in … well, you know.

Sunstein, President Obama’s regulatory czar, was/is a dangerous leftist “thinker.” More like schemer. He penned the book “Nudge,” in 2008. You know – the first part of the infamous trio, Nudge, Shove, Shoot. I’m sure he’s so proud that we are well into the second phase. Hopefully, we never descend into the third.

He’s a great proponent of behavioral manipulation and was a fan of China’s rather successful “experiment” to alter the views of Chinese high school children – to move them away from any thoughts of freedoms and free markets to “a correct worldview, a correct view of life and a correct value system.” And who decided what is “correct”? That would be the Chinese government, of course.

For this and other reasons, commentator Glenn Beck called Sunstein the most dangerous man in America.

Well, today, we’re way past America and on to the globe. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is seeing to that.

Rather than just a desire to control the minds of Americans or even the Chinese, the WEF has designs on the world. And no, as Joe Biden has often said – it’s not hyperbole!

Many conservatives have named a new “Most Dangerous Man,” and his name is Dr. Evil. Scratch that. He’s Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman and founder of the WEF. He does look like Dr. Evil though – you have to admit.

However, I disagree, that Schwab is the most dangerous, for behind this evil S.O.B. is one who is worse. His name is Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, transhumanist and the top adviser to old Klaus. I wonder if he spent six years in evil medical school? (h/t: Austin Powers)

Harari has taken Sunstein’s nudge principle and thrown it in the crapper.

Instead of simply “nudging” people’s behavior into compliance, Harari thinks this is a much better idea: “Data might enable human elites to do something even more radical than just build digital dictatorships. By hacking organisms, elites may gain the power to reengineer the future of life itself.”

Now who considers themselves the “elites”? Oh, that’s right – the members of the WEF.

And lest you think he is sounding an alarm – he’s not. He’s talking about natural evolution, as he states, that science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design. And in case there’s any question where his head’s at, he says, “not intelligent design by some God above the clouds [you know, God], but our intelligent design.”

By the way, Harari said this in a speech in Davos at the 2018 World Economic Forum. And as he was saying, “but our intelligent design,” he was pointing at himself – effectively putting himself and the other world elites above God. That’s not at all worrisome.

So, as I stated in the beginning, behind every power-mad megalomaniac is at least one adviser drawing him a road map.

And isn’t this about the time where God, the real God, says, “OK, I’ve seen enough of you puny humans trying to replace me once again. Here’s another cataclysm.”

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