The father of one-world government? It's Satan

Most of us tend to think of the world in terms of the various nations. I lived overseas for a time, because the military was kind enough to send me there for some years. There wasn’t any base housing, so we were forced to integrate and interact with the locals.

It quickly became obvious to even a couple of young kids that “they do things differently here,” including driving on the wrong side of the road. They also had a different history, spoke differently and had unusual customs we had to learn. Once we learned these things, our new world made more sense. When we came back to the United States, we had to unlearn some of these things and remember how life was done here at home.

God seems to like the different nations and their different ways of doing life. So I appreciated the education I received at a young age about some of the differences.

Oddly enough, some of the nations of the world seem to be consumed with making the world into one big nation, and having one big world government that runs everything. The U.N. – United Nations – comes to mind, as does the European Union, which is just another layer of government implemented over European countries trying to give the impression that it is one big unified nation with the same money, taxation, laws and customs for the suddenly subservient states that comprise the EU.

Both the U.N. and the EU portray fake unity. Come to think of it, the United States are laboring under a fake unity as well. Fedzilla was never created to rule over the various states in the union. It was created to facilitate diplomatic and trade relations, and if necessary coordinate help to defend one of the sovereign member states of the union from invasion by a foreign nation (for instance, the border states along our southern borders). This was certainly a good thing to have, especially since the Founding Fathers did not appoint us as the world’s policeman. That is probably why we did not have a standing army. If we needed one, Fedzilla’s job was to put it together.

But as Fedzilla’s history, the EU’s history and the U.N.’s history have all shown, governmental organizations are always hungry for more power over the people they were designed to serve. This means, of course, they they never understood the purpose of their existence, for you do not serve other people by lording it over them. Odd term – isn’t it? – considering that the one who was Lord of All became a servant unto death on a cross, to reconcile us to our Father in Heaven.

What we seem to have lost track of in all this fake unity is that humanity has an enemy that is trying to implement fake unity across the world, in the form of a one-world government he is working overtime to create. America and the other nations are now in the midst of this effort.

Satan did not give up after his defeat at the Cross of Christ. He has continued to simmer his one-world stew, where he will rule and reign over all the earth and all of humanity. He expects to do this through a one-world government that rules over all individual governments.

We all know of some of the personalities involved in this, but it is unlikely that any of us knows all the personalities. Governments, corporations and power-hungry people are all involved, because they think they can get away with it.

Were it left to the churches, the financial markets and the governments we see today, they probably would get away with it. Let’s just call it the Babylonian Beast system. All peoples and nations are welcome; in fact, participation is mandatory – provided, of course, that you would like to eat, work, travel, or do anything that governments of today have even a tiny bit of influence over. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

God has a timetable for everything, including the arrival of the one-world government. Satan has been trying to advance his opportunity to rule over all of God’s Creation, whether we like it or not. Churches vary greatly in what they believe about this end-time government and what its role in all this is.

Men, women, money and fleshly desires are a powerful mix for corporate and governmental corruption. Churches are not immune. When we add in big tech, along with all of its “free” services, many of us who do not know what is happening are likely to end up on the sacrificial altar to Satan that he and big tech are so proud of.

Those of us who are still around during the rise of the Beast’s kingdom will see all of this happen. But before it happens, we will see the largest worldwide revival among people of all nations coming to Christ and entering His Kingdom.

What we are seeing now is the largest Exodus from the preliminary Beast system that has ever happened. Pharaoh, Egypt, Israel and the Red Sea exodus will pale in comparison to what God is going to do in our era to tear down this out-of-sequence one-world government in front of all our faces (and their faces). The people working to implement this beast system under the radar think they are so rich, so powerful and so smart that they can’t possibly fail. In fact, many of them think they are gods.

They are about to learn otherwise. We are going to see God move supernaturally on a scale that humanity has never seen before, because this is an exodus of the nations of the entire world from Satan’s grip. For now, God intends to have His church (the Body of Christ – Jesus is the Head) rebuild the world more to His liking. The Antichrist and the Beast system will appear at the appointed time. But not before the arising of the sons and daughters of God, the wise ones, the ones who will know what to do. Armageddon Story novel series.

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