The Five Evils and our developing parallel nation

Last week, “Star Wars” buffs were scandalized by the firing of actress Gina Carano, star of streaming series “The Mandalorian,” after she made a comment on social media comparing today’s political divide to the events in Nazi Germany leading up to the Holocaust (ironically, getting fired proved her point).

I haven’t seen “The Mandalorian,” but apparently this was a Very Big Deal – not least because fellow “Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal made a similar tweet in 2018 with no repercussions. Fans were confused why one actor was punished while the other wasn’t. The answer is simple, of course. Carano allegedly is (gasp) a conservative, the most unforgiveable sin in Hollywood.

Carano’s case underscores how the cancel culture is becoming the New Normal. Deplorables are routinely bullied, mocked, intimidated and threatened. But as the left doubles and triples and quadruples down on We the People, something interesting is happening.

Quietly, without a lot of fanfare, many “canceled” Americans are opting out of the Five Evils (Big Tech, Hollywood, public education, mainstream media, government) and going their own way. After all, why would 74-plus million people want to do business with those who hate their guts and want to obliterate them?

I’m not talking about a new political party (though that seems to be in the works). I’m talking about people hardening themselves off the cancel culture and developing a parallel nation with their own employers, search engines, health care, schools, churches, technology, social media platforms, transportation options, publishers, charitable giving, health care systems, economies, currencies (including barter), even their own holidays.

Entire states are branching off to do their own thing. (North Dakota is proposing a bill that would allow the state to ignore Biden’s executive orders.) Some are calling this the “silent secession.” Others note rural and suburban areas are already executing a secession of their own.

Why? Well let’s face it, some broken things are too big to fix.

If you are the parent of a kindergarten-age child, you could literally spend the next 12 years bashing your head against a brick wall trying to change the horrible things being taught in public schools; or you could quietly withdraw your child from the system and find alternative educational options (homeschool, private school, pod school, whatever).

If you are working for a “woke” company hostile toward your values, you can either spend your entire professional career (if you last that long before getting fired) trying to restructure the corporate atmosphere to reflect your values; or you can quit and start your own business.

If you live in a deep blue state, you could spend your whole life fighting the government and getting nowhere; or you could leave and move to a red state.

Creating a parallel nation may not be easy or even possible; but it’s trending. “We must exit this broken and failing system and start building a new one immediately,” wrote Gab CEO Andrew Torba in “It’s Time To Build Our Own Economy.” “We are not revolutionaries. We are not violent. We are reformers. We are builders. When we up and leave the existing system in favor of our own, the existing system will crumble without us lifting a finger.”

A few months ago, I wrote a column on how the fear of losing everything due to the cancel culture is very, very real. For this reason, many people shut up and keep their heads down. It’s hard to fight back when doing so could destroy everything you’ve worked for – your job, your business, your career, your home, your family’s security and even your physical safety.

But the woke mob is relentless at sniffing out the slightest whiff of patriotism or family values. They are also unappeasable. People have learned you don’t bother trying to apologize for your skin color, your faith or your opinions. It won’t work. The left attacks weakness, then moves in for the kill.

If you want to figure out who craves the power the most, it’s not the people walking away; it’s the ones insisting you stay so they can have power over you. That’s why the Five Big Evils are so vicious, relentless and punitive.

To this end, as a defense against the cancel culture, people are becoming “anti-fragile” by becoming less dependent on the system. “One of the Woke’s most powerful weapons is economic pressure,” wrote Damian Max in American Thinker, “so take that away from them as much as possible. … Being anti-fragile will allow you to stand firm when you need to speak the truth.” (Go read this column for suggestions on how to become less vulnerable to the cancel culture.)

Actress Gina Carano was snapped up by Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire to spearhead the launch of his entertainment division. “They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them,” Carano said. Shapiro added, “The institutions of American culture are arrayed against individuals who think differently, from Hollywood to corporate America to the establishment media. But dissenters can band together, too, and support one another.”

This is just one example of how a parallel nation is growing, with people seizing control of their own future independent of government mandates and cancel-culture wokeness. These acts of rebellion can be small (a beauty salon staying open under the radar) or big (alternate social media platforms untouchable by Big Tech),

These efforts may not always succeed – the Five Big Evils have long and far-reaching tentacles – but after they huff and puff and close down or cancel or arrest or imprison various offenders as an “example” to the masses, the rest of us will quietly continue on our way – patronizing the businesses we prefer, educating children outside approved channels, worshiping how we please. Some are even talking about creating a “government in exile.”

Of course, the end result of this parallel nation may be grim. The Civil War was fought because one side wanted to walk away and the other side wouldn’t let them. Are we doomed to repeat history because we have not learned from it? Time will tell.

In the meantime, let the left shriek. Let them stamp their feet. Let them cancel everyone and everything they can. The rest of America will ignore them and develop their own parallel nation. It may take a while as people and businesses shuffle around the barriers erected by the left, but they’ll find ways.

Addendum: This week Rush Limbaugh passed away, leaving in his wake hundreds of millions of bereft listeners. His visionary political insight will be sorely missed during the faux administration currently occupying the White House. Tributes for this great man are pouring in from all over the world, expressing their appreciation far more eloquently than I ever could. So I will merely say – rest in peace, Rush. Thank you for 33 years of amazing insight.

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