The founders gave us the equality today's oligarchs despise

If it weren’t for America, there would no equality. At least that was how the nation was originally envisioned and set up.

Prior to America, man’s seemingly natural state was indeed one of inequality. And despite the left’s rhetoric, it is they who wish to revert back to that state.

Until the founding of this nation, man suffered with the inequity of being ruled by kings, czars, dictators and warlords. There was never a hint of equality. Even today, in a relative few “free” societies, can a person hope to move up through the class systems set up generations ago.

The leftist oligarchy understands this, which is a big reason why they hate America as it was founded. They thrive on class systems and inequality. It’s exactly why they are currently flooding our country with untold numbers of poor, non-English speaking immigrants from almost exclusively Third World nations, who know nothing but the bottom rung of the ladder and thus will be wholly dependent on said leftist oligarchs.

In the vast majority of nations, if you’re born to a lower class, you’ll remain there. Our Founding Fathers, those brilliant gifts from God, knew this all too well. It was obviously foremost on their minds as they crafted our Constitution.

They set up the division of authority between three equal branches of government, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial so that none would dominate the others. At every turn the founders attempted to guard against the tyranny of one branch.

Of this, Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story wrote, “To preserve in full vigor the constitutional barrier between each department … each should possess equally … the means of self-protection.”

Story continued:

“And the [legislature] has, and must have, a controlling influence over the executive power, since it holds at its own command all the resources by which a chief magistrate could make himself formidable.

“It possesses the power over the purse of the nation and the property of the people. It can grant or withhold supplies; it can levy or withdraw taxes; it can unnerve the power of the sword by striking down the arm [president] that wields it.”

Although they were certainly aware that the Executive, being one man, could more easily become oppressive, the founders also guarded against oppression by the other two branches. We can see this by the compromise agreed upon during the Constitutional Convention.

The original proposal of Congress’ “Power of the Purse” was to be that the raising and appropriation of money, or “money bills,” was not only to originate in the House of Representatives, but they would be the sole arbiters of the appropriations.

The Convention rejected this proposal, since it provided no input from the Senate to amend or affirm these “money bills.” A compromise, presented by the Convention’s “Committee of Eleven,” provided for Senate input.

So the system was set up properly by our founders, but all of it is academic without men (and women) who possess the courage and character to remain true to the Constitution and the principles set forth by those founders. It is after all, or should be, one of the foremost concerns of the three branches to protect the citizens from man’s tendency toward inequality.

But today’s political class, and by extension it’s administrative class, has neither the courage nor character to remain true, as they consistently and voluntarily cede their constitutional powers of equality to whichever branch steps forward.

Today, our nation is well on its way to returning to man’s seemingly natural state of inequality. Eventually, we will get beyond the point from which we may be able to reestablish this equality. Then what?

Then, providing there are enough courageous citizens left, our only choice is to do what Thomas Jefferson instructed in the Declaration of Independence:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Next year’s election should tell us a lot about our likely direction.

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