The Founding Fathers save us again!

Imagine wanting to be “in charge” of something so badly, that you’d do anything – sell anyone out, lie, cheat and steal – whatever it takes.

Well, we’re living the culmination of decades of this desire right now, in what the Blaze’s Steve Deace has coined as Covidstan – a nation, or more apropos, much of the Western world, that has devolved into a government-driven state of perpetual fear.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed over the past several decades that Americans (not all) have developed a dependency on the federal government. The tradition of rugged American independence is long gone, replaced with a helpless waif public ever more reliant on government “nanny” overseers. And every year Americans get a bit weaker while the government grows stronger and more emboldened – by design.

When something – anything goes wrong in this country, the first thing the general public does is run to the feds and beg for help. There’s a storm, there’s a flood, a heavy snow fall, a pandemic, whatever. Whether it be a state, county, city, town, or just an individual, it’s always the same. The federal government will save us.

Politicians have town hall meetings with constituents from time to time. When people come to the microphone to ask the politician a question, invariably the question revolves around what the politician/government will do for them. And of course, this is music to the ears of the oligarchy.

No longer do we look to each other, to family, friends, church or community for help. Oh, perish the thought – I can’t ask my family or friends, but I can ask my government.

But unfortunately for this nation, there’s practically no one left in government to remind the masses that government can’t constitutionally do most of what we ask of it. Instead our overlords are more than happy to oblige us, knowing that the more they offer to “help,” the greater their grip of control over us gets.

It’s not as if politicians and bureaucrats don’t know this – it’s that they no longer care – haven’t for a long time. Some may even lend lip service by saying, “The government can’t do that. We’re a democracy (which we aren’t), not a dictatorship, or monarchy.” Then they do whatever it is anyway, daring someone to stop them.

My point is that for decades, government and academic leftists have been training the American public to obey. They’ve successfully trained, bribed and coerced most states out of their sovereignty. And most have given it over willingly, in exchange for some temporary financial security.

But hey, things could be so much worse. And if it weren’t for our Constitution and Bill of Rights, things surely would be.

Frankly, if it weren’t for a few brave anti-federalists back in 1787, like George Mason, Eldridge Gerry, Samuel Adams and John Hancock, we would not have our Bill of Rights and would be suffering a similar fate to those in Europe, Canada and Australia.

For example, in a return to fascism, Germany and Austria have begun erecting fencing to separate the vaxxed from the unvaxxed. Some are calling them the Berlin Walls of COVID.

Worse still, many have heard that Australia has set up COVID internment camps, where citizens, without being tested, are forcibly detained, taken to a camp, dropped off and left there, with no explanation.

“You literally get put on the back of a golf buggy with your bags. And these people are in hazmat suits and everything. They don’t want to come near you because they think you’re infectious. And they literally drop you to your room. And they leave you. They don’t come and say anything, they don’t check up, they don’t do anything. You get delivered your meals once a day. And you are just left.”

We can thank our lucky stars, and once again our Founding Fathers for understanding that this is what happens, every time, to nations without the constitutional affirmation of our God-given rights.

It’s the only thing protecting us from the Covidstan overlords.

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