The modern world has for some time suffered from a “God Complex.” The team that developed America’s first nuclear weapon nicknamed their new toy Trinity.

Perhaps it is easier to become convinced that you were destined to rule over everyone and everything once you become wealthy and powerful. Surely there is no shortage of people today who are ready and waiting to worship the wealthy and powerful. Even those who only rule over a small segment of others’ lives consider themselves in the running. If others were suitably endowed, wouldn’t they have similar accomplishments and be striving to become God, also? The strivers might well consider contentment short of becoming God a character defect. Without media, social, unsocial or otherwise, most of us would never know. Or care. I’m not sure that would be a bad thing, either.

Other eras, though, didn’t have instant communication and that ever-important feedback. Perhaps we could call them “likes” and “hates,” just to simplify. Maybe if some people receive enough “likes” that convinces them they should be recognized as God by the others. But I doubt it would be acknowledged by the others.

It does seem that the god-wannabes are drawn together and found in various exclusive clubs of their own making. Many of these clubs, however, seem unable to distinguish between good and bad gods, and therefore are likely to produce more of whatever they produced in the past. The Georgia Guidestones – oops, gone now.

Lately, governments seem to be vying for the position of god. Maybe that was the real purpose of the United Nations, to let the cream-de-la-dictator rise to the top and award accolades for their efforts. Governments of governments have always proved a bad idea. Witness the EU and Fedzilla. The EU was created to be a government of governments. Fedzilla only got fat, dumb and happy by ignoring the U.S. Constitution, and when necessary, bastardizing it.

It’s easy to see why hiring the wrong personality type to work in government might lead to this. Governments have the ability to boss others around (for their own good, of course). As such, government employment attracts both the highly educated and the ignorant and incompetent (though if you are outside of government, it is almost always difficult to determine which you are dealing with). Trouble is, the rest of us are supposed to take their word for which they are. The God of the Bible tells us to look at the fruits of what they do. (Oh no! Not that … judge us on what we intended to do!)

School systems seem to be an entry-level hideaway for god-complex individuals. They have both authority over children (due to their adult status) and coercion through grading and releasing to the next year’s class. Not a good combination, Mom and Dad. Plus, school boards are notoriously filled with up-and-coming political wannabes who really don’t care how many children they are standing on to reach the next step in their god-complex career ladder. Educating anyone to think is way beyond their comprehension and not even on their radar.

If all we see is the god-wannabes walking over the rest of us, most of us would be far less likely to hand over power and decisions to these god-complexers. You don’t need a psychology degree to understand what happens to everyone else once this crowd take charge. So, why would you ever vote for them … libs? If you are looking for someone who can authoritatively tell you how to live your life for a good outcome, open your Bible and start reading. The Real God seems to have all the secrets necessary for living a productive and happy life. Hmm … maybe we should teach the Bible in school. Have church pastors rotate through the school year to explain how God sees things.

The hot mess being taught in today’s schools is not going to help young people live joyful and productive lives. In fact, it is more likely to result in maladjusted students who go on to graduate into maladjusted young adults. Perhaps that is done by design, so the universities will have young people they can defraud of their student loans, while pretending to educate them to think for themselves. These unfortunate students’ path to God will be much longer and more difficult than if they had learned it as a child. But then, teaching “thinking” is so much more difficult than teaching “what to think” that grifters, not teachers, are drawn to these teaching positions.

If America wants to be saved, it is going to have to focus on the Creator God of the Bible, the one our forefathers relied upon to lead a fledgling nation into independence and adulthood. Government wants young and impressionable voters to rule over. Faith in the Bible’s Creator God produces confident adults who are able to rule over themselves, regardless of the “likes” and “hates” they receive as they go through life.

Repentance will turn this around, America. Another election, not so much. The churches need to lead as the nation turns down this path. Prayer is how we talk to God. Perhaps we should all have a word with him about now.

Absolution: The Singularity, Vol. 3 in the Armageddon Story novel series, by Craige McMillan.

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