The government: Both lawless and Godless

Lawlessness doesn’t begin when a nation’s people stop following the laws the government creates for their well-being. Lawlessness begins when any government declares its independence from Almighty God and determines that it has the authority to override His Laws.

Can you think of any cases where America has done this?

The church is an institution of governance, whether the church likes it or not; and whether the government likes it or not. The church doesn’t like it because most churches view their influence as ending at the church doors on Sunday morning. The government doesn’t like it because all government becomes tyrannical without the watchful eye of an educated and godly citizenry. What, then, to make of a government that preaches ignorance and lies about its intentions?

Why would such a government demand that schools teach children that creation is a myth, and that instead everything arose from nothing, life was an accident, and it all evolved into what we see today?

God’s Law carries more authority than man’s law, because God is the Creator, and mankind – as well as the heavens and the earth, which we inhabit – are His Creation. Parental authority is drawn from this, but recedes as the child becomes an adult and therefore becomes more fully responsible for his or her actions.

Because America’s founders were not the imbeciles we see today wandering the halls of academia and government, they understood these things. They incorporated them into the mercifully short document we know as the Constitution. They furthermore made the federal government a creature of the states. You knew that, right?

* They counted on the Congress diligently protecting its lawmaking authority from incursion by the president and the courts.

* They counted on the president diligently protecting his law-executing authority from the Congress and the courts.

* They counted on the courts diligently protecting their judicial authority to determine guilt or innocence where the law had been transgressed.

The delegated powers the feds received from the states enabled the states to tell the feds to pound sand with any non-delegated lawmaking effort. Florida and Texas seem to be leading the way here.

Our founders used their knowledge of God, government and the human condition to fashion a lawful structure that actually used mankind’s foibles as a force for protecting these three separate branches of government from one another. In that process, they also protected the People from the new federal government. Only an indoctrinated population, the product of teachers unions and power-hungry public school bureaucrats, would think otherwise.

Get along to go along, a GOP mantra, is just the early stages of the staggering degree of corruption we now see in nearly all of our governmental institutions. Even bad people know that corruption is wrong. That’s why they hate the church reminding them of that.

Get along to go along was simply the beginning of the lawless, corrupt government we now see at so many levels of our nation. Our institutions have been bastardized by corrupt, filthy men and women who sold our nation’s birthright to our enemies in return for money or power, and in many cases even worse. They have been aided and abetted by churches and pastors who worship the collection plate, and can’t sully themselves by teaching the sheep the difference between good and evil in the modern political realm. Hence in the minds of many, the difference between good and evil has disappeared. How’s that working out for us, folks?

God has always called upon evil and corrupt people to repent, after which He offers them forgiveness. That’s far more generous than many of us would be. One of the biggest repentance issues America faces today is abortion, the murder of the innocent. As citizens of a nation that does this, we are guilty of acts of omission and co-mission, and are therefore called to repentance.

Rather than repenting, today’s churches have remained silent on the murder of the innocent. At the same time they ask God to bless a nation immersed in the blood of Roe v. Wade, which many celebrate as their god-given right. Have abortion supporters said anything about scientists buying live, aborted babies for medical experimentation – or worse? Is this the money that fuels abortion-supporting politicians in their political campaigns?

America will repent – one way or the other. But will we learn from our mistake? Godless people can never be entrusted with power or authority anywhere. Humanity can and does justify anything, once the restraint of God’s Law falls away. They can even justify satanism as a religion, provided that it makes them seem righteous in their own eyes. Raise your hand if you think God is fooled.

Armageddon Story, Earth’s Final Kingdom (Vol. 4)

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