The Great Reveal, prelude to the Great Revival

While multitudes of Christians today are listening to sermons on the end times and playing “pin the tail on the Antichrist,” to identify him, God has already begun the greatest revival in the history of the world.

Since He’s God and we’re not, it is sometimes annoying that He doesn’t do things the way we would. All we see before us is judgment. God is judging this, God is judging that; God is judging our neighbors, our government, our world.

Then we shift our attention: “Oh, this looks like the Antichrist over here! No, wait, isn’t that is him over there?” Don’t worry. When he finally shows up, everybody will recognize him, because he will be an exact counterfeit of Jesus. From Christ’s birth to his death and resurrection, everything will be a counterfeit. Oh, he will also be 30 years old when he begins his public ministry, just like Jesus was. And it will last three years, just like Jesus.

Stop worrying about the devil, folks. What he is engaged in now is a dry run. He needs to find out how far he and his minions (both human and demonic) can push governmental emergencies to physically gain control of humanity. What better way than to stick a needle into us?

The devil is worried enough right now about what God is doing that none of us needs to worry about anything. The devil’s problem is that as God looks at the beginning of these demonic plans, God also sees the end. How do you defeat someone who already sees the future outcome of anything you plan?

The Great Revival, however, must be preceded by the Great Reveal. Humanity is predisposed to tolerate evils while they are tolerable. Nations are filled with people, and so many of those people have yet to understand that we are all treading water within a sea of corruption. It’s covered up with lies and fueled with egos that demand power over others. Its pulpits are Big Media, and the guardians of its altars are Big Tech.

The Great Reveal will clearly demonstrate that everyone these people trusted has been lying to them about everything, all the time. They planned it for decades. They executed it early, because any nation being governed for the good of all its citizens terrifies them. What they didn’t plan on is feasting at the table which God has prepared for them.

It is into this broken sea of humanity that God has sent his church. Not the church searching underneath the pews for the Antichrist. Not the church binding God from action in today’s world with their theology. The First Church, which relied on God’s supernatural power to evangelize the world, is rising again. Why? The Acts church is the only church that can fuel the Great Revival. The revival where God’s Spirit does the work itself. It was the model for the First Church that God gave us. Where in the Bible did He tell us to change it?

This prophecy from Daniel tells us unambiguously where we are. In a few paragraphs it described all of future human history. I used it for the epigraph in “Earth’s Final Kingdom,” volume 4 of my novel series. It tells us there will be a cataclysmic end made of evil people and nations that are intent on destroying humanity and the earth. Here is Daniel’s conclusion, spoken to the king: “That is the meaning of the Rock cut from the mountain without human hands – the Rock that crushed to powder all the iron and brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold. …” (Daniel 2:31-45)

As I have indicated before, God’s judgment always begins in the House of the Lord (Isaiah 1:21-28). Many of these churches argue about their worship music, but what they really worship is theology. How many of us understand that this theology, over which so many soon-to-be pastors labor so diligently, is only man’s view of who and what God is? Knowing about God is what got us where we are. Knowing God is what will get us out of it.

Can theology be a help? Yes. But a bigger help is hearing what God is saying to you at any given moment. It is my view that God speaks to all of us all the time, but few there be who hear him. I get the problem that churches have with everyone hearing God speak. They envision chaos in the church. That either means they don’t believe God is speaking, or they don’t believe that church members know how to recognize God’s voice. Wouldn’t it be better to teach church members how to recognize God’s voice? He is a God of order, not chaos.

Armageddon Story, for today.

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