The infected, elected and selected

OK. So, Joe Biden was “selected not elected,” to borrow an old Democratic talking point.

Anyone who went to bed on Election Day 2020, glad of a Trump victory, and woke up to Biden’s Selection Day, has long since recorded the relevant facts. Oh, well. Spilt milk, stolen elections; it’s all the same, right? Rep. Mo Brooks may have gotten booed at a Trump rally for his, don’t-look-back-let’s-go-forward line, but he was just saying out loud what most of his colleagues have long since been whispering. Well, they stole it fair and square. But we’re watching them now. They’ll have to be a lot cleverer than your average Republican congressperson to pull off another one of those!

There’s a comforting thought!

People will continue to investigate all aspects of The Steal, but dreams of correcting the Selection without another vote or two seem to be fading into the fog of war, along with the rest of Biden’s bag of deplorable crises. But now we are wondering just who is Biden’s consigliere, as the Putin mob goes to the mattresses (allegedly leaked this week from a “high ranking Moscow source”: “Putin and his high command have decamped to secret bunkers, following a Kremlin statement that Russia would use nuclear weapons to counter an ‘existential threat.'”)

Keep an eye on the White House. Who will be the first to leave? What will we do if Joe decides to squat in the hallway or under his desk and put his head between his legs? Would Joe make it inside the bunker, or have the five-ton door slammed shut in his face and be left outside to join in with his country’s fate? This is one question that begs another.

We all know Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. The half that saw the theft of the citizens’ right to choose certainly knows it. But so does the side that sees a hundred plain indications that Joe is not the one in charge. They can’t say anything because, while it may not be Joe at the head of the nation, at least it’s surely someone or ones from their side pulling the strings.

That is the question. That is the 500-pound gorilla in the room. Not “How did this guy get to be president?’ But “Who is our president?” You know? All joking aside!

Is it Obama behind the curtain, playing at being the Wizard of Oz? Or did even Barack have his directives given to him through Valerie Jarrett? Is Susan Rice the Valerie Jarrett of this “Presidency”? Who owns Susan? Who owned Obama? Who is the puppet master? Who owns America?

More important now, while we tread water waiting for the midterms, is our need to ask, “Who really is our president?” Is it a committee of high-ranking leftists? Is it an elite group of oligarchs? Joe has testified thoroughly and frequently as to who’s in charge through mentioning what “they” will or will not allow him to do or say. It’s quite a bit more than questions about protocols. It’s more along the lines of, “How high should I jump?” Could a whistleblower live long enough to tell us, if he or she had a verifiable answer to who is the actual dictator? Yes, there was a coup. But thenceforth, why is everyone still focused on the barely standing figurehead?

Hello! Joe is not our president! Never was and never will be. All we need to know is exactly who our fearless leader is. Are we living under a proper dictatorship of one unsung strongman, or is it more like a collective junta, comprised of many? Victory comes to those who define the terms. So long as we exasperate ourselves picking nits from poor old Joe’s hair plugs, we cannot acknowledge that he is nothing at all but a faded, broken puppet. We need to know who dictates his follies.

It would be nice to know who it is, after all, that is flirting with a nuclear Armageddon. Are they nice people? Sincere? Irritable? Schizoid-sociopathic megalomaniacs? Very few of us can grasp, or dare to ask, the measure of evil that is blanketing the globe. A virus (from an enemy) that rarely kills (if treated) is used as an excuse for shutting down the world’s one sure beacon of freedom and prosperity. A vaccine that is not at all a vaccine, but a long-term crippler and killer, meant to invade and corrupt our very DNA, is put forth by some of the richest people in the world, who have voiced their assent to the notion that the earth’s population must be reduced by 90%. Such once-upon-a-time crazy conspiracy theories are now crowding the edges our pleasant dreams. How dark is this darkness we wonder? Is there somewhere, deep in the bowels of our multi-trillion-dollar government, humankind’s Golem, who finds no joy in the pale results of the pandemic and its worsening cure? What good is a mere 5 or 10 million, among the billions, in the face of this contagion of humanity that plagues his/her/their Earth (incorrect pronouns being the second-most dire threat of the age)?

Wars don’t start by accident. Wars start because someone wants them to happen.

Now, hopefully, commenters will come to our assistance and explain, clearly, why this is all just so much stuff and nonsense. Not all of us enjoy the option of retiring to a well-stocked bunker, so it would be dearly appreciated. We would much rather confess ourselves to be the fools that God made us to be, than to have these wild speculations proven to bear even a grain (or megaton) of truth.

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