The jab is affecting military readiness – which could backfire on Biden

Part of the “Great Reset” we have had the great misfortune to observe this past year, has been a forceful attack on the integrity of the United States Armed Forces. The Biden administration has tasked the supreme commander puppets of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Force and Coast Guard (with National Guard units doubtless to follow) to quickly empty the ranks of any potential racists, white supremacists, fascist insurrectionists, or medically non-compliant anti-authoritarians. A “dog whistle” for conservatives, anyone?

We watch the speed with which they have been forced to move, to establish a totalitarian permanency, lest their grip on the reigns of power slip away before they can hammer the last nail into the coffin of the American republic. It explains a lot about policies chosen by this administration (and whoever is whispering sweet nothings in Joe Biden’s ear), which must be recognized as categorically insane if the intent were to woo voters for the next election. We have wondered recently as to whether or not the midterms, therefore, are likely to occur. Why would you so desperately bedevil the electorate if you were really planning to rely on an election?

It would seem they are aiming to establish a dependable and compliant military. However, quite bizarrely, they are hoisted on the very petard the left has long used to weaken the military. Equity, affirmative promotion, alphabet soup and trans-insanity, and woke re-education in general, all appear to be part of an old habitual wish list that is impossible for them to avoid. Let them eat kale may sound good to a sentimental old Democrat hippy apparatchik, but an army without any beef in their diet may not be sufficiently vigorous to quell the coming counter-revolution.

The argument put forward by squishy Republicans, attributing Biden’s steady stream of disastrous policy to mere incompetence, as opposed to fully intentioned ill will, carries less and less weight for We the People. But there are times when these two sides of the debate meet, united in perfect harmony – perfect in the sense that both stand out in relief so sharp that no one with a remnant of a brain could miss either one…if they ever heard about it.

Yes, they are thinking, we must bring the military into accordance with our plans. But what about this data showing that we are injuring and killing them in numbers that will be hard to hide? If they hear that the injuries already associated with the gene therapy we’ve forced them to take, increased by factors of 3 to 10 since the jabs started, it might not be helpful when we order them into action against their own countrymen.

The DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database) is a subset of data from the DMSS (Defense Medical Surveillance System). While VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) relies on the mandatory but notoriously under-reported accounting of injuries clearly associated with “vaccination,” the military’s analysis targets a captured audience and has a long and credible history of precision.

Statistical graphs appeared at the end of January from the DMED’s annual report, showing 2021’s enormous spikes in the incidence of injuries associated with the known COVID-19 vaccine “side effects,” 200-900% above the averages of the pre-vaccination years of 2016-2020. Yet, despite its reputation for accuracy, necessitated by the military’s essential needs for planning, supplying and establishing appropriate medical protocols, the Pentagon quickly claimed that, while the 2021 report remained unchallenged, a “glitch” had occurred in all data from all the reports from 2016 through 2020, which were miraculously corrected in a day, to show that a similar number of injuries had occurred in the five years previously. That fooled no one because 1) they only “corrected” the data pertaining to these specific injuries and diseases, assuming we’d believe all the others were “un-glitched”; and 2) the pre-correction numbers from 2016-2020 were entirely consistent with those going back to 2005. Our apologies to the Chief General in Charge of Military Hogwash, but even the lowest potato-peeling buck private can tell which potatoes are rotten.

Essentially, before and after the vaccine:

miscarriages – 200% increase
cancer diagnosis – almost 300% increase
neurological issues – 1,000% increase
myocardial infarction – 269% increase
Bell’s palsy – 291% increase
congenital malformations (for children of military personnel) – 156% increase
female infertility – 471% increase
pulmonary embolisms – 467% increase

The word “Ambulatory” appears on all these reports – meaning what? That these are the military personnel still walking around. We’ve yet to see the reports of deaths from these injuries. Any further information on mortalities in the military would be appreciated.

How many citizens and how many soldiers will ever hear about these reports and recognize the homicidal intentions of those who would lie and deny, for the sake of their New World fantasy?

Algorithms are being applied to every chapter and verse of every story. How little can be shown and how many times over must the denial be spread, in order to maintain the correct and effective narrative? It seems, according to Algorithmic Propaganda 101, that this particular story is being flagged for a particularly high degree of suppression.

The Great Truckers of Canada are discovering the algorithms of resistance. We are waiting (and hoping) for Canadian policemen brave and wise enough to toss their badges to the wind and join their brothers and sisters at the lines of the noble Freedom Trucks.

Tell this story to all those you know who serve to protect us. When the fight for freedom comes face to face with oppression down here, in Amerika, we want to cry out to the cops and the soldiers to join us – and they need to know why.

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