The Jefferson Davis Biden presidency

In the event you visit Washington, D.C., this summer – when school is out and the kids can travel again – drop by Pravda on the Potomac and say hello to President Jefferson Davis Biden. If the barbed wire is up again, protecting our faithful government servants, no worries. Any competent tour guide in D.C. can direct you to the underground tunnels and secret entrances our public servants use for their religious services, sacrifices and secret comings and goings.

Jefferson Davis was elected to a single six year term as president of the Confederate States of America in 1861. His presidency ran concurrently with the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War. The Northern states didn’t recognize Davis’ presidency, and the Confederate states didn’t recognize Lincoln’s presidency.

Both governments rounded up as many military-minded men as they could, and Americans set about killing as many of their fellow Americans as the battles allowed, until one side agreed to recognize the rightness of the causes of the other side and thereby accepted the reality of the victorious government.

News at that time traveled via pamphlets, churches and good old-fashioned gossip, which was the social media of the era. Newspapers, travelers and wounded soldiers delivered news because they moved around – at least it was the news as they saw it.

Jefferson Davis Biden is really the product of today’s fake news media. Rather than reporting the day’s events, fake media prefer to spin their own narrative, one that supports their globalist partners, and then adjust and shape any news events they might choose to report so those events support those carefully concocted narratives. “Well, it must be true, Mable. They’re all reporting the same thing.”

The news events from the 2020 election were massive Trump rallies, sometimes several times per day, almost all attended by tens of thousands of supporters. The competing news was the Democratic challenger to President Trump holding reporter rallies inside socially distanced circles painted on the floor and limited to about six people per rally, usually held in his basement.

The news on election night did not fit the globalist narrative, however. America went to bed with a massive Trump reelection victory, and awoke to a false media narrative of tens and often hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots having magically appeared in the electoral systems of battleground states. GOP observers were not permitted to observe these ballots, because fake elections die in the light of transparency.

No one was happy with the election. The globalists were not pleased, because they didn’t get what they paid their media talking heads to deliver. In fairness to their expectations, any other Republican president would have done their bidding and conceded the election, because the elites own both parties. Trump still refuses to concede a corrupt, foreign-influenced election.

The globalists want a communist technocracy. That’s a centralized authoritarian government, one administered by a technocratic elite that can keep the chips well-oiled and the deplorables of the world underneath their silicon thumb. Freedom is limited to the elitists.

All communist governments are based upon lies – lies and mountains of corpses. Communists don’t support dissent, because they can’t. Once the truth of communism is revealed, no one wants it. But by that time the elites have it. Today’s technology was designed from the ground up to make sure they never lose it, and you are never free again.

It can take years, but once the bulk of any nation’s population that fails to fly the communist manifesto flag has been imprisoned or otherwise eradicated, dissent disappears. That’s when communists learn that there are not enough people who can do things still alive, and the monstrosity collapses upon itself.

The hardcore commies go somewhere else to try again, because communism has to succeed, it just has to! It just wasn’t done right! The stench of Marx while he was writing his manifesto in the London public library continues to ooze out across our world. This time we’ll get it right! Everybody will love everybody in the morning after the glorious revolution.

The globalists are operating on two fronts of resistance, however. First, they have really, really, really pi–ed off God. Passover is coming up soon. For a reality check on what it looks like when God gets really pi–ed, read the book of Exodus. Yeah, I know, it’s ancient history, but remember that God lives outside of time.

Second, the globaists have told 80 million Americans that they are delusional; Biden won in a landslide, and only a Deplorable would doubt that! Despite a news and social media blackout that is the envy of the Chinese Communist Party, almost nobody here believes that.

Honestly, though, as bad as having 80 million people pi–ed off at you would be, having the Creator God in that condition would be worse. Even when it gets as bad as it gets, that would still be worse. The “perpe-traitors” imagine that their religion and their secret societies will save them. Read how God dealt with the Egyptians when they tried to hold onto those Israeli slaves once God decided he wanted them freed.

The effect of this globalist plot against God has been the creation of dual presidencies. Jefferson Davis Biden is president of a nation that is $30 trillion in debt and afraid of its own citizens. They have no more money to buy anyone off. Donald Trump is the leader of 80 million Americans who want to see justice done and who want their country back.

Hmm … justice or slavery. I wonder which is the stronger motivator?

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