The lady more deserving of 'Person of the Year' recognition

The guideline for selecting Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” (POY), originally known as “Man of the Year” (MOY), is “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year.”

Since MOY’s inception in 1927, the first double selectees were Taiwan’s Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai-Shek (1937). Recognition of groups or ideas followed – the first group being the “American Fighting Man” (1950) and the first idea “Endanger Earth” (1988). MOYs making the cut, appearing on the exclusive cover, for better or worse, have included the good (Pope John Paul II in 1994), the bad (Germany’s Adolf Hitler in 1938) and the ugly (Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979).

In 2001, despite Rudy Giuliani receiving POY honors, Time missed the target. A more impactful embodiment representative of that year’s influence was the 9/11 terrorist attack claiming over 3,000 American lives. Motivated by Islam, the attackers’ religion would have been a better selection.

Similarly, Time’s selection of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this year is off target. They were not influencers in the sense of most of their predecessors but more a mere consequence of what 2020 has embodied. Even selecting COVID-19 as the POY would have been a better choice, although it too would have missed the mark.

Events in 2020 embody a long-term impact for America. Accordingly, there is but one lady who best reflects this embodiment and selection as Time’s 2020 POY. Let us examine what 2020 has embodied and why she qualifies.

Clearly divisive political views initiated a fire in 2020, fueled by a non-politician winning the presidency in 2016. It caused those normally tolerant to become intolerant and even violent. Violence erupted after a black suspect, George Floyd, failing to comply with police commands, died while being arrested. Unwilling to await Floyd’s autopsy report explaining he was a walking cardiopulmonary disaster as evidenced by hypertensive heart disease, fentanyl intoxication and methamphetamine, thus complicating law enforcement subdual, outraged rioters took to the streets.

In an election year, liberals played up Floyd’s death to the max, having already stoked the fires of discontent for the previous four years through baseless claims Donald Trump’s election resulted from Russian collusion. Despite the chaos created by violent riots destroying numerous businesses – a truth hidden from the public by fake news accounts – Democrats such as Harris helped rioters by supporting a fund to pay their bond. It is hard to recall any other presidential/vice presidential campaign ticket in modern times not only failing to condemn violence but helping those committing it to then get out of jail.

Not only have Democrats refused to condemn violently aggressive groups like Antifa, some leaders like Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., encouraged anti-Trumpers to harass officials implementing the president’s policies. Also supported is Black Lives Matter (BLM) despite its call – later deleted from its website – for destruction of an American foundational building block of our society – the nuclear family.

Additionally, BLM, with Democrats’ support, demanded defunding police without adequately thinking out its consequences. Defunding caused many law enforcement officers to take early retirement or lower-paying jobs elsewhere, triggering an exorbitant rise in violent crime.

This has generated an atmosphere in which police are no longer respected, making many of them victims of violence as well. “Systemic racism” by police is exaggerated as in 2019, more cops were murdered than all “unarmed suspects killed, of all races.” With increased crime, lame efforts have been made to throw unarmed social workers into the fray, leaving them to become easy prey for criminals committed to their criminal activity. Effectively, citizens of such jurisdictions walk Al Capone-like neighborhoods sans an Eliot Ness protector.

The 2020 impact extends to constitutional rights as well. The liberal social media self-righteously claim the role of arbiters of truth, using censorship to silence opposing conservative opinions or any news portraying liberalism negatively. Despite this infringement upon First Amendment rights, we hear voices like NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar demanding big tech even go further to silence conservative thought.

Free speech has suffered enormous negative impact as snowflakes outrageously claim offence over the use or non-use of certain words. Those failing to use gender neutral terms are penalized. Other snowflakes take offense when seasonal greetings such as merry Christmas are extended or the “racist” act of displaying Christmas lights is undertaken.

Also infringed is the right of private citizens to bear arms, with more yet to come should Biden take office in January. This is despite the fact numerous lives are saved annually as would-be victims defend themselves against home invaders or other attackers.

Even the right of presumed innocence has taken a hit, demonstrated by the actions of the FBI and others in law enforcement in abusing various protections, demonstrated in the case of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. They reject the time-honored concept of “innocent until proven guilty,” favoring guilt with manipulation of evidence fitting the crime to follow, arguably using entrapment.

And, in 2020, it is becoming more difficult to believe our courts are our last best hope against constitutional-rights abuse as a supposedly independent judiciary yields to outside influences.

We saw this in the Flynn case where, in a rare move, the judge involved ultimately hired an attorney to justify his actions. He eventually dismissed the case but even in doing so still made a completely unnecessary comment about Flynn.

We also witnessed the U.S. Supreme Court, under the leadership of Chief Justice John Roberts, reject the state of Texas’ case on election fraud due to alleged lack of “standing.”

Two centuries earlier, another chief justice, John Marshall, made clear what responsibility the SCOTUS had to hear a case. In an 1803 case, he noted, “It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is” because “every right, when withheld, must have a remedy, and every injury its proper redress.” In 1819, he further underscored this point writing, “however irksome the task may be, this is a duty from which we dare not shrink.” Simply stated, abdication was not a judicial option. This has changed as a Wisconsin judge recently said what others know but will not say, “Our court system has been deeply intimidated by the left.”

The backdrop for all the above has been provided by Democrats promoting socialism. Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley underscored this in her recent tweet, “2020 was the year socialism went mainstream. The dangerous ideology, which has failed everywhere it has been tried & ruined countless lives, is on its way to becoming the default economic policy of the Democratic Party. This terrifying trend threatens the future of every American.”

Individual rights in 2020 have been under assault. We are no longer the America we once were. We are an America unwilling to stop a leftward tilt further undermining those rights. Our Founding Fathers forewarned us surrendering them would mark the beginning of the end of the republic.

Time’s 2020 Person of the Year should have been more representative of this transition. It should have depicted a weeping Lady Liberty – her torch no longer held high as a beacon of freedom and hope for the world as she sadly accepts the leftist push toward values contrary to our Constitution.

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