The little girl's letter to Biden and his missed opportunity

Once again Joe Biden failed miserably to support and advance the cause of women and income equality. Biden made quite the show of presenting a letter he received from a little girl who expressed grave concerns about income disparity per the gender wage gap.

Biden had an opportunity to promote the values of the great media source and acclaimed oracle, The New York Times, and at the same time extend presidential recognition upon one of the great success stories of the last few years. It’s the success story of a woman who has followed very closely in the footsteps of Biden himself.

Instead, he selfishly elected to keep the secret of success to himself and his non-minority cronies – when he had the privileged opportunity to share that the secret for success as a woman is to follow in his footsteps like the true-life figure I was referring to in the preceding paragraph. That female person is Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Since Biden refused to share the secret to success as exampled by Jones in her New York Times acclaimed, ground-breaking work of historical importance called the “1619 Project,” I will share it with the young girl who’s letter Biden boasted about.

The secret to success if you are a no-talent, hate-filled Negress who has been taught so-called white people haven’t paid their debt for having slavery in America, is to lie, just as Biden made a successful career of doing – a talent Nikole Hannah-Jones copied with great success. Biden should have told the little girl that the trick to big-money success comes from speaking appearances that promote divisiveness and acrimony. It’s receiving praise from the rough-edged bathroom tissue called The New York Times. It’s found in patterning after Jones by writing the worst lies found in the binding of one book in quite possibly publishing history, which is exactly what Jones did and precisely what her “1619 Project” is.

The other missed opportunity was to tell the little girl, who must herself be a Negress, how bad “coloreds” have it. A Negress because everyone knows one of the most consistent extortive laments is how the under-performing schools are failing the inner-city children juxtaposed to the far superior academic bastions the privileged so-called white children attend.

That said, the only difference between Biden and Jones is that unlike him, she can find her behind with two hands due to the over gargantuan proportions of same; whereas Biden can’t find his butt with two hands and an instructional manual on how to find it. The other difference being that he’s so decrepit and unbalanced that he cannot even fall down steps, he must fall up steps. With the jello-belly she’s carrying around, Jones, on the other hand, could belly flop down steps and stick a perfect marshmallow landing.

Of course, I’m being facetiously sarcastic, but my point is correct. Wanna be successful and make big money without putting forth any real effort? Write a book that portrays marginally evolved coloreds as victims of evil so-called white folks, especially Christian white folks, and make sure it’s revisionist lies from cover to cover. And voila, you’re a superstar.

The antidote to the lies Jones is spreading is the factual and legitimate work titled: “Democrats and Republicans In Their Own Words,” or you can just believe a born liar like Jones.

Jones made over half a million dollars from institutions that are supposed to be reputable bastions of academia. Pocketing that kind of money for the tripe and lies Jones wrote is more profitable than being a dope dealer and/or being a welfare princess.

The purpose of this piece was to seize upon the scandalous amount of money Jones has been and is being paid for the most egregious and easily disproved lies manufactured in history.

Biden’s abuse of little girls isn’t limited to violating his daughter’s female boundaries by allegedly (wink-wink) imposing himself in taking showers with her. Even worse than that is his inculcating little girls with the belief that they’re nothing more than objects for the personal gratification of men like himself and his depraved son, Hunter. Compounding that is his reprobate behavior of brainwashing little girls into accepting the lie that killing babies is a legitimate and effortless form of birth control.

Obviously, part of this article is unapologetic sarcasm, but the rest of it is unmitigated factual truth. I would be remiss if I failed to remind Biden and Jones that the day awaits them that their lies and molestation will be judged.

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