The long tentacles of the 'Speech Code Cartel'

I’ve got good news and bad news about the fight to stop the “Speech Code Cartel” from destroying America’s First Amendment rights.

For one thing, former President Donald Trump is on to them now – now that he knows the cartel’s powers affect even the voting booths of America. They can literally be counted on to throw an election – and they will again if Trump isn’t careful. He’ll likely be back in 2024. Why? Because he’s so popular, has a terrific track record as president, and especially, because he truly cares about this country.

More Americans, too, are now on to the Speech Code Cartel, thanks to the reporting of WND and the rest of the independent, alternative media.

I am more optimistic than ever that we can stop this un-American, anti-free speech, anti-free press and anti-religious freedom offensive and derail it. BUT, it’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be a walk in the park. We’re dealing with incredibly powerful forces working together in unison with the goal of ensuring the leftist political agenda has no opposition.

Now for the bad news …

This demonic cancerous plot is spreading. FAST!

It’s bigger than just the Internet Cartel.

It’s credit card companies. It’s online payment gateways. It involves related mega-corporations that are adopting rules that will make it more and more difficult to tell the American people the truth.

For instance, look what MasterCard is doing. Banks and large corporations are joining them – restricting their own participation in legal firearms sales, limiting their support for all kinds of ideas arbitrarily branded “hate speech.” The goal is to utterly discredit and condemn notions of self-defense, defense of the nation and its ideals about liberty, and the need for borders and immigration laws and enforcement. It is already inhibiting what we can say, write and publish about the major issues of the day. How in the world can we maintain a “free and open society” like that?

Did you think it would end with Alex Jones and WND being muzzled? Forget about it! This insidious cabal has already come after Dennis Prager, and dozens of individual voices you’ve heard about – including Fox News. We have Democratic members of Congress trying to ban the sale of certain books at Where does this insanity stop?

The answer, unfortunately, is it doesn’t stop – unless it is exposed, crushed, punished and rejected overwhelmingly by the American people. That is a tall order with the independent media under siege as we are currently.

We can still lose this battle, this war for the survival of our once-free country. The current administration is the worst we’ve ever seen. And it could be much worse – whenever Joe Biden feels it’s time for him to end the charade and let Kamala have her turn.

This is the real “collusion” that must be exposed – much more dangerous than anything we face from foreign countries. America itself is being spoon-fed lies and deception every day by the Big Media and their accomplices in social media, the big search engines and the basic infrastructure that forms the basis of how we get news and information.

And speaking of foreign threats, this all benefits Communist China as it plans its next move after the pandemic.

You can take decisive action today – and I implore you to do so – by supporting WND in this effort to keep truth alive in America. We are on the ropes, but we are not giving up. We’ll keep fighting the good fight until they drag our bloody, battered, lifeless carcass away.

Will you help us fight to save free speech, real freedom of the press and freedom of religion in America?

It’s really up to you. There’s still hope. I urge you to take action that can preserve America’s unique greatness for your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren.

Those are the stakes, friends. Here’s how you can help:

Support WND, the original pioneer in independent news 24 years ago, all through July by helping us raise $100,000 as we battle the cartel for survival in our roughest month yet. We’re hunkered down, and many are working without pay. I’ve subsidized WND with all the money I have, and there is no more left. Please pray for us and shower us with your most generous donations to keep us alive and fighting for truth.

UPDATE ON WND’S REVIVAL CAMPAIGN: Beginning June 15, we launched a drive to raise $100,000 so WND, now in its 25th year, can continue to operate. As of today, we’ve raised $25,669. Thank you sincerely for that, all who donated. Now we need to raise the remaining $74,331 by the end of July. Please support us by making a generous tax-deductible donation to the WND News Center, the nonprofit, charitable, 501(c)3 sister organization to the for-profit WND. And consider sending a monthly contribution of any amount.

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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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