'The Man' of the '60s is now 'the Person' – embodying leftist tyranny

At the risk of sounding like a ’60s hippie in a purple haze, it’s time again to push back on “the Man.”

In the 1971 hit song “We Won’t Be Fooled Again,” The Who famously sang of the hated establishment, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” But it turns out the new boss is nothing at all like the old boss. This one is an order of magnitude heavier handed than “the Man” – as the Haight-Ashbury crowd of the ’60s liked to call the establishment – could have dreamed.

The evidence of this horrifying new normal is everywhere you look: It’s in cancel culture, it’s in approved vs. unapproved violent demonstrations, it’s deeply embedded in K-through-college education, it’s in unfettered debt-spending out of your national treasury and the resulting inflation making your savings increasingly worthless, it’s in 87,000 armed IRS agents, it’s in dwindling police forces and wildly escalating crime, it’s in the new gender and pronoun police, it’s in erasing borders and importing a new voter bloc, it’s even evident in our once trusted institutions like the FBI, the one we used to make endearing TV shows about.

Without a doubt, the new “Man” with his unapologetic police state aspirations is an apocalyptic nightmare by any previous standard in U.S. history. We can only wish for the “Man” of yesteryear, and I’m not being nostalgic.

Don’t necessarily think of “the Man” as only Dark Brandon, although given his troubling Hitleresque speech delivered with clenched fist, I can understand why you would. The Man is considerably more than one decaying, elderly male swamp creature who’s stayed too long at the fair and lost himself, rambling on about the “soul of the nation.”

And, you sexist conservative, the irony is you can’t call today’s creepy establishment the “Man” at all. I’m not even sure “fellow, gentleman, guy, bloke, chap, dude, gent, hombre, or even geezer” will work in this cruel and intentionally confused word-salad culture.

Perhaps the “Person” will stick as the latest irate pejorative this time around.

I’m picturing new, ’60s-styled protest signs with oversized peace symbols and clenched fists in front of the Capitol and the Supreme Court with the words “Screw the Person” but carried by more gender neutral picketers than dudes in obligatory bell bottoms and dudettes in tie-died sun dresses and beads.

“All we need is love,” just not for conservatives, naturally. Meet the new ’60s-bred Boss Man, er Person; “Love you zir and zirette, but it’s our way or the highway.”

It was inevitable once the far, deranged left became intoxicated with entrenched power.

The “Man” – “Woman” too if you include Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren types – tended to swap places every few decades until this latest win-at-all-cost iteration who persecute and prosecute their political opposition. Still, we could never have envisioned the “flowers in your hair,” sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, “Peace and Love” purple-hazed LSD generation becoming the “Man” they so openly loathed – only worse.

But when you have destructive and miserably failed, godless, Marxist policies that are not viable in the greater marketplace of ideas, the only thing left is tyranny. That’s the new Person establishment, not the same as the old boss. And sorry, The Who, it turns out we were fooled again. And to tragic effect.

I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that our great uniter – far and away the most popular president in history by vote count – isn’t a uniter at all. He’s the Frankenstein version of USSR-loving Bernie Sanders, a carefully groomed, globalist-handled counter-culture person who will stop at nothing short of destroying the republic our forefathers fought, bled and died to establish.

If you understand the destination, the journey makes more sense.

What’s the destination, you ask? The complete dismantling of the West – America chief and foremost, because as goes America so crumbles the free world.

The imponderables are unthinkable. But for starters, children in the womb are clearly no more sacrosanct to “the Person” than your personal liberties are. Sorry mom, population control; you understand. Soon it won’t be your decision anyway with a mandatory child cap. “Save the polar bear, kill the children.” And sorry, Mr. DeSantis, but the idea of states’ rights with respect to abortion or anything else must necessarily give way to the Person State.

Where does this ever-creeping philosophy inevitably lead? Given enough time there will be no borders, inside our outside of America. The United State [sic] must eventually give way to the Global State. President Globalist will see to that, provided his handlers can manipulate enough elections and prop him up long enough to realize their dystopian end.

Like in the China globalists secretly admire, cronies of The State will become wildly wealthy on the backs of compliant peasants. Dissidents will silently disappear into the night. Call it “The Final Canceling.”

Property ownership will dissolve. “Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket,” and you’ll be priced out of your silly free enterprise dreams and ambitions. The State will own and redistribute everything. You will do as they say and keep your freedom-loving mouth shut. You will live and work where they say. If not mandated to public transportation because of your assigned job, you will drive what they say – at least when you’re allowed to charge the thing. Again, save the polar bear or something. The Person knows best.

I wish I could say I’m being overly sensational or cynical.

Save this column and reflect back on it if the Globalist Train is not stopped in its tracks this coming election. It will likely be your last chance to do so. It goes without saying that to overcome the globalist chicanery planned, we’ll need to see the greatest landslide ever experienced in the American electorate – perhaps two or three to one. (Again, dead people, I have nothing against you, but please don’t absentee vote this time.)

It’s due time to push back on the Person before Ze takes everything you own, including your children. Remember, they no longer belong to you either but to The State. Ask an educator in New York or Hillary Clinton. “It takes a (progressive) village.”

Dear reader, REGISTER AND VOTE. And poll watch 24/7 with binoculars and cameras.

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