The manipulation of language and today's 'Pravda USA'

By John L. Kachelman Jr.

“You change the course of your life with your words.”

Language is a critical element of civilization. Language defines the mores and enables peaceable existence. Language defines heroism but can also instigate insurrection. A change in language can change the history of a nation by allowing groups to facilitate fundamental transformations in the nation’s governing conscience.

The American language has been hijacked, manipulated, tortured and twisted to support perversion of basic civilities and morality. Language has become “plastic” in today’s upside down culture. This is not a modern phenomenon. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah)

Historical anecdotes abound showing how a twisted language misdirected, misled and manipulated a population to unimagined evil. The troubling consequence is aptly stated, “My people have exchanged their glory for that which is of no benefit” (Jeremiah).

Illustrating this tragedy …

I grew up in the heyday of the Russian propaganda machine. There were two major sources of Russian state-approved news. There was “Pravda” (“Truth”) and “Izvestia” (“The News”). Only the state media releases were to be trusted. Marxist censors quickly isolated and terminated other publications because they threatened the state’s control.

The sobering reality today is, the manipulation of language did not did die with the dissolution of the USSR. It is present in our civilization. This manipulation of language has existed from the beginning of time (Genesis 3) and will continue until the end of time (Revelation 13:11).

Evil is relentless in manipulating people by a twisted vocabulary that directs populations into paths that surrender their personal freedom.

This is why “freedom of speech” was a foremost concern of our Founding Fathers. However, this priority has become discarded in the agenda of the Elite Rulers in our nation. Two examples highlight this subtle attack upon our freedom.

The first manipulation of free speech – MASKING. The futility of masking has been validated, but the modern editors of Pravada USA and Izvestia USA have decided the opposition must be silenced. Masking has been opposed with TRUE science for at least the past 12 months. New studies have only verified that the CDC/NIH mandates are useless regarding the COVID-19 virus. But the CDC has released a new advisory update on masking at schools: “Updated to recommend universal indoor masking for all students, staff, teachers, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status.”

Welcome to Pravada USA and Izvestia USA where true science is cursed and a “new” scientific method is embraced. Conclusions and warnings are issued by the cavalier whim of the director … no lengthy studies, no verifiable test group, no consistent results. “Science,” in the COVID-19 environment, is unstable and undependable. The best CDC/NIH offers are generally phrased comments. Now citizens are told to have unquestioned confidence that these people know what they are doing – a manipulative vocabulary! And so, we are told “up is down and down is up,” and we are not to question this.

The second manipulation of free speech is the CDC’s “proper-speak.” The CDC director published an update on “Preferred Terms for Select Population Groups & Communities.” This is an astonishing manipulation of our language. It redefines vocabulary. This is the postmodern “doublespeak.” It’s a blatant attack on our culture, civility and morality. It embraces an “inclusive” vocabulary that tolerates everything except exceptionalism!

This is a plagiarized ploy from the Engels/Marx playbook. These Rulers theorized that “class distinction” is the inherent evil preventing true happiness. They offer a scheme to destroy current civility and then, from the debris, build a better civilization of equity and fairness. And they begin with the language.

This overreach by the CDC instills Marxist mandates in the U.S., as the agency assumes the posture of totalitarianism. Previsouly, the CDC had placed itself as the foremost economic authority (forbidding evictions), and as the only authority regarding the tyrannical COVID-19 mandates. And now, the CDC has assumed the position of “Language Police”! Never before in the history of our republic has a bureaucratic office wielded such unchallenged totalitarianism! In response, the Legislative and Executive branches have cowered, and only recently has the Judicial branch challenged this unconstitutional overreach.

An article illustrating Engles/Marxist manipulation of language is found in the June 20, July 4 and Aug. 2, 1950, Pravda, “Marxism and Problems of Linguistics” by J.V. Stalin. The Marxist uses the current language but manipulates it, so old meanings are destroyed as new meanings emerge.

Stalin’s article provides insight into the Marxist cunning to destroy the old cultural/political mores and introduce the new fundamental, inclusive mores. The author comments:

“(T)he Russian language has remained basically what it was before the October Revolution. What has changed in the Russian language? The vocabulary has changed, in that it has been replenished with a number of new words and expressions in connection with the rise of the new socialism. … A number of words and expressions have changed their meaning … (language) becomes an active force assisting its base to take shape and consolidate itself, and helps the new system to finish off and eliminate the old base and the old classes.

“(T)he necessity for a linguistic revolution (is so) (t)he old superstructure can be destroyed and replaced by a new one … in order to give free scope for the development of the productive forces of society. … Who but a Don Quixote could set himself such a task?”

Please do not ignore the metaphorical “Don Quixote” as the delusional pursuit of Marxists seeking a “fundamental transformation” in America. Such an imaginative delusion leads not to the elusive utopian joy but to national disaster and destruction – IF the population remains compliant and does nothing.

This is where we are today

Welcome to Pravada USA and Izvestia USA! The MSM sources arrogantly announce they have the “balanced truth,” the “total reporting,” and the “accurate analysis” of the news that Americans must read. Those opposed to the State’s version of truth and news are ignored, castigated, demonetized, blocked, banned and litigated by a perverted justice. With such a manipulation of history once again the announcement is repeated, “Truth has stumbled in the streets” (Isaiah 59:14).

The saddest point of this analysis is the impact upon the nation’s children. They are being schooled by this manipulative vocabulary. They are being conditioned to accept the surrender of personal freedom. They are being trained to cower before tyranny’s mandates.

This is history redux: An ancient nation surrendered prestige and freedom thinking they were benefiting, but they lost their distinctiveness. “As for their children, half spoke in the language of Ashdod, and none of them knew how to speak the language of Judah, but only the language of his own people” (Nehemiah 13:24).

It is tragic that many of our population no longer know the vocabulary of our nation’s great documents and have accepted linguistic manipulation. It is amazing that many believe that “up is down and down is up.”

John L. Kachelman Jr. is an evangelist in the Churches of Christ, author of 25 books, missionary, and has been involved in shipping humanitarian aid to 39 different foreign nations. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama.

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