The melanin traders have monetized irresponsibility

The American version of Pravda combined with the various bureaus of agitprop find themselves feeling quite gleeful; after all, what troop of monkeys wouldn’t be over the corkwood tree with glee if they were handed a big bunch of bananas? Metaphorically, that’s exactly what those who trade upon melanin have had tossed into their lap. In fact, if melanin were a commodity that was traded on the stock exchange, it would be a definite “buy and hold” this week.

The defacing of the George Floyd statue in New York City’s Union Square Park has upped the ante for a fresh round of melanin wars. Personally, I don’t view throwing paint of the statue of Floyd as an act of vandalism; I view as the same type of Pavlovian response dog’s display when they happen upon a fire hydrant.

In my opinion, the statue was made and displayed for the singular purpose of bringing notoriety and dollars to the sculptor. Any person with a gram of propriety is offended by those promoting a common street thug and two-bit wannabe “Mr. Big-time Dope Dealer” who terrorized neighborhoods, who threatened and robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint after staking out the woman’s home. Floyd was a proven threat to humanity, but he is not a hero. See also: “George Floyd is no hero.”

Floyd was associated with the lowest forms of humanity. That white neo-Leninists and degenerate skin-color harlots and pimps promote his death as a cause célèbre “… proves three things that I have been saying for near 50 years: 1) White neo-Leninist liberals despise people recognized as a crayon color with an unbridled passion, .i.e, they hate blacks; 2) White neo-Leninist liberals will sink to the lowest level of commonality to inculcate blacks with the lowest opinion possible of themselves; 3) The crayon color people will shed every ounce of decency and true self-esteem to embrace maximizing being the lowest representative manifestations of nothingness. … Crayon color people kill one another over a street corner to sell dope on; they burn, loot and pillage their own environs. The women belonging to this group pay racist white organizations such as Planned Parenthood to murder their children – at the same time they are being told white police officers are a threat to their children.” (See: “White Liberals are Menace to Modernity.”)

There was a time when “colored people,” as W.E.B. Du Bois and Vladimir Lenin determined the former slaves should be referenced, had dignity and embodied honor, despite the fact that white Democrats seized upon every opportunity to portray them in the most damaging light. Today it’s the exact opposite. The urban “colored” male is more often than not a dangerous predator and opportunistic threat to society.

It is morally opprobrious and condemnable, but obviously not out of character, for those celebrating Floyd’s death to use it as a left-handed way to draw attention to themselves. It many not be flattering to say, but it certainly isn’t untrue: “George Floyd wouldn’t have died as he did, had he not been drugged up and passing counterfeit $20 bills. The police would have had no reason to stop and detain him. It cannot go unstated that had Floyd gone to work that day, gone job hunting that day, gone for a walk with his children or the woman he was involved with, he wouldn’t have been taken into custody and he wouldn’t have died as he did. …”

Where is the constructive message for young people, especially those young people who view being a gangsta’ and/or a jock as their only way out of poverty?

If the activist simians promoting the prostitution of Floyd’s death as evidence of police cruelty and racism would instead tell the truth, Floyd’s death would be of value. If his depraved life and death were treated as an example of failure and used as the prolepsis to promote proper decision making, the pursuit of education, inestimable good would be derived from the ending of Floyd’s abysmal life.

But, there’s no value in that if one’s goal is to undermine authority, sponsor antipathy, inculcate inferiority, defund police and increase the voice of Marxist ophidians who live to sow discord and promote fallacious narratives that promote aggrievement.

Men of honor and integrity such as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the late Booker T. Washington are attacked as sellouts and Uncle Toms.

Portraying those like Floyd and Breonna Taylor as virtuous and responsible citizens to model oneself after is to encourage the pursuit of self-induced limitation, disappointment and to promote the perpetuation of generational failure.

When I was growing up we didn’t make sculptures, build statues or name streets and schools after contumacious career felons.

Trading on the prostitution of melanin content is Satanic and worthy of scorn on every quantifiable level. Truthful people have no need to foment such erroneous complaints. But, it’s apparent those seeking to create an economy from same benefit by monetizing irresponsible decision-making.

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