The missing Actor in our worldview … Who holds all the cards

Humanity (that would be us) has a great propensity to tinker with something that already exists, to create something new, rather than start from a clean slate. That’s as true for a child playing a familiar game (long after the adults are tired of it) because the child now believes he or she knows the rules of how the game operates. This, the child believes, must surely increase his or her chance of winning the next game.

As the child grows older (or we as adults grow more experienced), we learn that the rules are not always followed by all the players. In the old Western depictions, this was often settled by a gun underneath the gambling table taking out the cheat, while the ill-gotten gains were redistributed among the remaining players. Today the cheats seem to have revised the rules to make their efforts more likely to succeed in many endeavors in this life.

Our worldviews (because there are many of us with differing views) are not unlike the shifting poker hands being dealt in the old saloon. Each of us thinks we know how some of the players will behave, but few of us are so optimistic that we believe we know how all the players will react to the hand they are dealt. We may even be uncertain of the cards in our own hand.

Growing up, I remember a magician displaying his card tricks. By way of response he said to me, “Get your dad. I’ll show you both why you should never play cards with someone you don’t know.” He picked up one of the decks of cards at our bar and proceeded to deal himself whatever hand we requested. It made a big impression on both my dad and me, although probably for different reasons. The magician stayed overnight at our small hotel, and before he left in the morning he showed me how to do a slight-of-hand trick: “Now if you can do this competently in front of another magician, he will teach you how to do another trick.”

I suppose we could term the “Great Reset” proponents as the traveling magicians, dealing out the cards to suit themselves, but having no intention of dealing the rest of us any winning hands.

That would be a wrong view on two counts. First, they have violated the “don’t play cards with someone you don’t know” adage. When they began messing with the DNA, they drew the attention of another player who had been sitting off to the side at another table. This new player wandered on over, sat down and was dealt into the game.

Most of the players don’t notice him now, looking over his cards and unbeknownst to them, looking over their cards as well. It takes him only a moment to piece together the various possible outcomes for each player, and for the game as well. If he doesn’t like the possible outcomes for the game, he has the ability to adjust the players’ mindsets on how they will play their cards.

This Visitor doesn’t hold all the cards – but He might as well. The other players have violated a most basic rule: Don’t play cards with someone you don’t know.

The world’s governments and Big Pharma think they hold the winning hand to repurpose humanity’s DNA for their own purposes and profits. They should have paid more attention to the Stranger who entered the game late. He was drawn in by the high stakes game being played out for control of something He had created. His remark was quite telling: “The DNA is Mine. I do not need any help.” Beware of ultimatums delivered with a cold, calm voice.

The Stranger drawn into the game will defend His creation against loss. He will insure those attempting this theft pay a price far beyond what they even suspect exists. Their evolutionary fantasies are coming to an end, right where they bumped up against their Creator. The blood of aborted babies cries out to Him from the ground, and He will answer. America is now arranging itself into sheep and goat states.

Is the poker game too scary? Are you ready to go back to 4-D chess? Did you know that He plays that also?

“Game over” will soon be flashing for the wicked. Judgment is next for the losers.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. 4 in the Armageddon Story novel series.

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