The Navalny death: America's disgraceful diplomacy

The headline read “Putin critic Alexei Navalny dead at 47, Russian officials say,” and the story quotes U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken as saying the death of a Russian prisoner demonstrates Russia is rotten to its core.

That was not very diplomatic of the American secretary of state.

The Marxists in American government differ little from the Marxists in the Russian government.

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Blinken put it this way: Navalny’s “death in a Russian prison and the fixation and fear of one man only underscores the weakness and rot at the heart of the system that Putin has built.”

This from a man who attacks Israel and uses Ukraine to carry out a war against Russia. His message today. Russia is bad. His message tomorrow. Donald J. Trump is a Russian agent.

Blinken was not finished. He went on to declare, “Russia is responsible for this. We’ll be talking to other countries concerned about Alexei Navalyn, especially if these reports bear out to be true.” Shudder, shudder! Note Blinken first declares as fact Russia is responsible and ends it with the acknowledgment that he does not know what the hell he is talking about.

Who cares if Blinken talks to other countries about dead prisoner Alexie Navalny? Is Blinken going to recommend going to war over the death of someone in a Russian prison. If so, what about Epstein? The arrogance of American foreign policy is astounding.

Has Blinken expressed any concern for the Jan. 6 prisoners icarcerated for unspecific misdemeanor offenses in 2021? And, is the U.S. going to try and dictate to the system of justice used in all nations? Is it our business, and should we be preaching to others while our cities burn, our prisons are being emptied, and criminals are handed, essentially, parking tickets for violent acts?

Apparently, Biden directly challenged Putin over the fate of Navalyn in 2021 and threatened “consequences” if anything happened to the man. The Russians might want to pick up on the Democratic Party’s perpetual allegations that the size of the black population in America’s prisons is not the result of criminal conduct, but is to be blamed upon a racist justice system.

The news story informs us this Russian was sentenced to 19 years in prison on “extremism” charges. Now that sounds very familiar. That is the favorite word applied to anyone who is not a Democrat.

A favorite smear of the Democratic Party is to attack Republicans as “right-wing extremists.” Hillary Clinton cannot get through an interview or a public speech without issuing some warning about “extremist elements” threatening America.

Perhaps America should first decide if it is still a free nation with freedom of expression, or it has an oppressive government. The government run by Democrats wants to take away Donald Trump’s freedom and his life’s work. It wants this 77-year-old man in jail for more than 100 years. It sent a small army to raid his home and made use of stolen income tax returns to manufacture criminal allegations. No accusation is too ludicrous to dissuade the Democrats.

And it is working. The national alphabet media does not bother to cover Donald Trump’s campaign, quote his speeches or tell the American voters what he espouses. Instead, the media provide coverage of the faux trials and courtroom allegations. That will be the story of the media in this 2024 election year. Trump is bad, bad, wicked and nasty.

Is the Biden administration any better than the Putin administration? How, in fact, is it different? For starters, Putin is not senile.

Team Biden’s leadership is the language of “Russia, Russia, Russia,” and now there is actual war with Russia financed and supplied by the USA.

If the purpose of this war was to save the Ukrainian people from Russia, it has successfully killed more than 400,000 of them. When we have killed off half-million folks, can we declare victory and go home? How does Mr. Diplomacy, Antony Blinken, square the surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan as an urgent part of American diplomacy with the resurgence of war, this time in Ukraine?

Why is Blinken telling the government of Israel to finance the Hamas terrorists? Why is he qualified to tell the Israeli general how to fight, where to fight and how to conduct its defense of the homeland?

That arrogance is amplified by the fact America has assumed an ugly, third-world appearance. It has spent $34 trillion more than it had, plus trillions more from taxpayers, on a vast, failed welfare state. To perpetuate and expand that welfare state, the nation has been systematically broken apart into “communities” that are deliberately set upon each other to justify expansion of the welfare state.

Now Team Biden is at war with Russia, and the conflict is used as a bludgeon against the political opponents of the Democratic Party. Why? Because the party does not look upon the Republican Party as a group with different opinions. It views the GOP as “the enemy.” Team Biden treats the leading Republican candidate for president as a common criminal.

The truth is the Democratic Party would do to Donald Trump precisely what they allege happened to Alexei Navalny.


This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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