The neo-Leninists in charge are the bane of God's creation

My reasons for holding the neo-Leninists in the unapologetic contempt that I do are simple. They are godless apostates and Satan’s minions. The Word of God is unambiguous: Those who truly love the Lord hate evil. (See also: Proverbs 8:13 and Psalm 26:5)

My contempt is for what they’re doing to the emotionally vulnerable and fragile, in exploiting their mental illnesses by demonic cozenage not witnessed heretofore in America. That brings me to their assault on America and their villainous transmogrification of the federal government into a weapon of subjugation against which our Founding Fathers believed they had indemnified We the People.

The framers chose Federalism as our form of government because they understood experientially that government power inevitably posed a death threat to the liberty of individuals. They understood that power of the government and its ability to exercise same had to be restrained.

Specific to the reasons for this restraint, the founders constructed the Constitution as they did to avoid tyranny and allow for the full participation in politics. It was also constructed as it is to allow states to exercise the greater authority over that which is of primary importance and interest to the citizens of each individual state.

The Declaration of Independence, which set forth the unlimited boundaries of God-given unalienable rights under Natural Law, is “Man’s” guarantor of our God-given individual rights and freedoms.

But, demonic hordes who were for most of America’s history the minority, and I argue still are, used situations they created to prostitute the idea that governmental authority needed to be expanded to resolve whatever the supposed ill. Even though the founders had separated the bodies of government as a precaution to limit government and restrain power, they underestimated the wickedness in the hearts of men that would give rise to a corrupt two-party system.

This has been their goal from the inception of political parties, i.e., one would rise to the top and “public servants” would institute the interests of their masters. And, as we have witnessed, their masters aren’t interested in the needs, wants, goals, etc. of We the People. They’re interested in self-perpetuation.

Through the mysterious, and I contend miraculous, finding of penumbras of emanation by Justice William Douglas, came the mythical “right to privacy” that had eluded legal scholars for 176 years of constitutional history prior.

Thus, killing children on demand without protections for unborn life became a right. The lives of dogs and other animals, however, are protected.

The very forms of tyranny our Founding Fathers sought to protect the populace from, neo-Leninists and their feckless, butt-kissing country-club opposition wing inappropriately now referenced as “Republican” ensure is not only the law of the land, but states are denied their right to institute the will of the people within the state to curtail or end child-killing. Well spoke Desmond S. Caulfield: “… description of abortion as a ‘fundamental right’ [“Abortion: A Right Not Subject to a Vote,” op-ed, Dec. 9] is not supported by an examination of the provenance of the easy access to abortion now available in the United States. To the contrary, the facts reveal this ‘right’ to be little more than an intellectually clumsy contrivance of the Supreme Court and an astonishing display of judicial arrogance.”

The real domestic terrorists aren’t parents who oppose the damnable heterodoxy and lies of Critical Race Theory, a fallacious construct more mythical than the Alex Haley’s fantasy titled “Roots.” It’s the tyranny of government terrorists who brought about the mythical lie from hell called “Separation of Church and State.” As I have said, if it’s possible, Thomas Jefferson probably rues the day he penned an innocent response to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut.

The very tyranny the framers sought to protect us from is now being codified not by law but by edicts, subjugation and where beneficial to evil politicians through a macramé of unconstitutional creations that corrupt courts uphold.

We are now expected to surrender our God-given unalienable rights under Natural Law, simply because a demented fool in diapers who is unable to form coherent sentences demands it?

I’ve repeat my position: The ability to slow the transmogrification of our once great nation into a footnote in the rapidly approaching one-world globalist construct where citizenry are lorded over by Fabianistic, Neo-Leninist Mensheviks who are the equivalent of toxic pathogens intent upon subjugating the minds and behavior of our populace, lies with We the People who are willing to dedicate ourselves to the will and work of our Lord. What I have just laid bare will never be slowed, much less halted by wasting energy on reelecting failed politicians or more of the same to take their place.

The idea of fair elections as we once knew them is no more. The government and those who are controlling same have successfully discovered how to steal elections with impunity. Christendom has the only answer if we are willing to “come out from amongst them, be separate” and invest our energy implementing Matthew 28:18-20.

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