The plan by Democrats to keep stealing elections

Do you know what the plan is for Democrats to keep stealing elections?

They are out to make sweeping changes to our nation’s election laws. No kidding.

I know we just came out of a disappointing “Red Wave” that didn’t materialize. But the Demos, otherwise known as the cheaters, are hard at work.

In an article by Victoria Marshall, a staff writer for The Federalist, she reported they’re planning to build on their “success.”

Republicans were caught off guard by the Democrats’ unprecedented changes to state election policies following COVID that included mandating universal mail-in balloting and a month of early voting. Some states have decided to keep these changes permanently.

But they are not satisfied, and, Marshall asks, “Why should they be?”

“With their gubernatorial power retained (they kept all but one of the governor’s offices) and newfound control of state legislatures in both Michigan and Minnesota, Democrats are keen to ram through a whole gamut of unprecedented and unconstitutional changes,” she writes. “It’s working, so they’re going to keep doing it.”

Why should we expect less?

So their list of policy proposals for 2023 includes expanding automatic voter registration systems, preregistering teenagers to vote, granting the franchise to felons and criminalizing what the left thinks is election “misinformation.”

They do this because Republicans obviously are racists.

“Take automatic voter registration,” she writes. “The New York Times notes that such a system – already adopted by 20 states – ‘adds anyone whose information is on file with a government agency – such as a department of motor vehicles or a social services bureau – to [a state’s] voter rolls unless they opt out.'”

“During the 2020 election, Michigan’s Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson sent out automatic voter registration forms to all eligible Michigan residents,” notes Marshall. “As a result of the mailer, 114,000 people were automatically added to Michigan’s voter rolls. Many were duplicate and otherwise inaccurate registrations. By padding state voter rolls with new unlikely voters, Democrats can target unsuspecting blocs of voters, harvest their ballots, and put their candidates over the top.”

Why do you think leftists court high school kids? Because they are thinking outside the box. Unlike Republicans, Democrats are dreaming of a future one-party state.

“As two-thirds of Gen Z voters backed Democrats this past midterm election cycle, Democrats are hoping to capitalize on this emerging voting bloc while also setting their sights on even younger kids,” Marshall writes. “While leftist organizations have tried to couch their outreach efforts as bipartisan, Democrat politicians admit they’re going after younger voters to benefit the left.”

It makes sense. They’ve already got our children. Why not use them?

And why not make use of “misinformation”?

Michigan’s Jocelyn Benson reminds us: “The greatest threats to our democracy right now continue to be the intentional spread of misinformation and the threats and harassment of election officials that emerge from those efforts.”

You remember what the Democrats did with Big Tech to label as misinformation the New York Post’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop? That was nothing. Remember COVID? Think of how Big Tech controlled the narrative by labeling some stories “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Despite release of the Twitter Files, do you think that’s going to change anytime soon?

“It’s clear Benson and fellow Democrats’ desire to censor ‘misinformation’ is code for cracking down on any information Democrats don’t like,” the Federalist column concludes.

So how do Republicans have a real chance for victory?

“Republicans must be wary of Democratic efforts to fortify elections in 2023 and beyond,” Marshall says. “While some congressional Republicans might think the post-2020 election integrity fight is over, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Democrats have a massive ground game advantage over Republicans already, and if they pass these policy proposals – under the insufferable label of ‘voting rights’ – in key swing states, that advantage will only grow to an insurmountable one. Republicans must realize election integrity is not a seasonal push nor a battle isolated to 2020. Rather, they must be on offense for years to come.”

But we might not have years. Just think of the “Great Disappearing Red Wave.” The Dems are going for broke.

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