The prophesied 'BIG War' on humanity has begun

This past weekend I spoke at the Kindred of the Kingdom conference of Coach Dave Daubenmire’s Salt and Light Brigade, deep in the mountains of East Tennessee. It was a gathering of mostly veteran Christian culture warriors, and while the fellowship was warm and invigorating, the theme was sober and serious.

We all agreed these are the darkest times we have ever seen in America, and that our liberties and values are under increasing assault on every front – with no guarantee we will recover the constitutional republic we lost in the 2020 election. But we were also unified in the determination to fight on resolutely for the cause of Christ and restoration of the rule of law and ethics embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, come what may.

I was asked to speak about the Black Robed Regiment – the fighting clergy of the Revolutionary War – particularly about my own Revolutionary Remnant Regiment, formed under the umbrella of my (non-501c3) First Century Bible Church. I rarely speak from notes, but in my early-morning prayer walk that day I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to follow this set of talking points:

1. The BIG War is upon us: the prophesied last days war on humanity, as distinct from cultural skirmishes like the Drag Queen Story Hour abomination and full-sized battles like the political fight to retake the country from the Marxists in 2022. No, this is the BIG war, the war for the whole earth that only Jesus Christ can and will win, on His own timetable. Our focus as Christian activists should thus shift away from the Jesus of the First Advent – the Jesus who came as a helpless baby in a manger to later sacrifice His life on the cross of Calvary – and turn instead toward the Jesus of the Second Advent – the conquering King who comes to judge and make war against the wicked, as described in Revelation 19 and Zechariah 14. Our model for this war should not be the suffering servant, but the avenging King of Kings, who will set all things right. Importantly, vengeance is His, says the Lord, but we will be a part of his “Host of Heaven.”

2. Our place on the prophetic timetable, as measured by current events in historical perspective, is best described in 2 Thessalonians 2: the period of rising lawlessness and apostasy that precedes the unveiling of the Antichrist, and his three and a half year global kingdom of evil. We’re not told how long this preliminary phase will last, but we know it is defined by the collapse of civilization into chaos, as described in Romans 1:18-32 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5. These are the times we’re in.

3. The Satanic Army is assembling – led by our own people, whose minds have been enslaved to delusion and deployed against us, like the Muslims of the Middle Ages used to deploy armies of captured citizens (especially children) of their targeted enemies. The Muslims would break the captives through torture, train them in warfare and then put these forces at the front of their invading hordes so that the defenders would be forced to fight their own countrymen. The infamous “Vlad the Impaler” (the Count of Dracula) was a Christian boy hostage from Romania, who escaped this fate and helped save Christian Europe from Muslim conquest in the 1400s. In a modern variation on the Muslim tactics, Marxists have captured America’s children through control of our schools and colleges, trained them in cultural warfare and deployed them against the rest of America in armies of Social Justice Warriors under the banners of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and countless others.

4. In the BIG War, you can’t defeat the enemy army, not because it is too powerful but because its (temporary) success is part of God’s own timetable. When today’s phase of lawlessness finally transitions into the “Beginning of Sorrows” of Matthew 24:5-8 and Revelation 6:1-8, God will grant the Antichrist the power to conquer the world. We cannot stop that event, nor the steps that precede it.

5. What we can do is fight the lesser battles – such as the political fight to restore our republic in 2022 – which are winnable, showing the example of courage and resolve in obedience to Christ’s command to “occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13). We know these victories, if we secure them, will be only temporary as prophecy unfolds, but our obedience and sacrifice will inspire others to join us on the side of right and truth instead of surrendering to the slavery of the enemy. Fighting the tyranny of vaccine mandates and the propaganda of Critical Race Theory, and working to hold corrupt officials like Gavin Newsom accountable, are important for the same reason.

6. It for this purpose that groups like Coach Dave’s Salt and Light Brigade and my Revolutionary Remnant Regiment (and its spiritual guerrilla warfare division, Swamp Rangers) exist. Collectively, groups like ours are a modern version of the Continental Army taking on the powerful British Empire. And like those rag-tag, often clergy-led militias, we use whatever creative tactics will help us win, consistent with the rule of law and biblical ethics.

7. What is “winning,” really? Whether we are considering the BIG War, or any of the lesser ones, the true goal must always be the same, and it is exemplified in the motto of the Revolutionary Remnant Regiment: “Destroy the Fortresses, Rescue the Captives” (2 Corinthians 4:1-5 and Romans 12:17-21). Jesus is going to win the BIG War by Himself, and even the lesser battles that we fight can only be won by His will, but our job always is pull as many as our fellow human beings as possible out of the darkness into His light while there is still time, through the process of active warfare for their hearts and minds, attacking every principality, power and stronghold that enslaves them.

I guess when all is said and done, what I’m calling for is Battlefield Evangelism.

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