The Protocols of the Looney Haters of Whiteness

One of the great controversies of the 20th century regards the legitimacy of the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – which the Jewish Anti-Defamation League describes as “a classic in paranoid, racist literature. Taken by the gullible as the confidential minutes of a Jewish conclave convened in the last years of the 19th century, it has been heralded by anti-Semites as proof that Jews are plotting to take over the world.” I happen to agree with the ADL on this assessment, and would add that the Protocols is probably the world’s best example of “agitation propaganda” or “agitprop.”

Agitprop is designed to psychologically manipulate “the masses” to make them hate a person or group (e.g., “Jews,” “Trump” or “anti-vaxxers”). And indeed, the hate-inspiring Protocols has caused incalculable and continuing harm to Jews even to this day. As a longtime stalwart ally of Torah-faithful Jews and a strong defender of Israel, I have personally clashed many times with anti-Semites who cite the Protocols as a source of their hostility to Jews.

It is thus utterly shameful that the ADL has become a co-conspirator pushing the leading agitprop narrative of the 21st century, which falsely asserts that political conservatism equates to white supremacy, and that white supremacy is so pervasive and ingrained that it represents an existential threat to “democracy” and to Jews. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that the vast majority of white Christian conservatives are not only pro-Jew, but better friends to Israel than most American Jews (who remain, inexplicably, left-wing members of the anti-Torah, increasingly anti-Israel Democratic Party). The latest ADL contribution to “white supremacy” agitprop was recently showcased by the left-wing Associated Press: “ADL Says Buffalo Shooter Latest in A Long Line of White Supremacist Terrorists Who Embraced Racist, Antisemitic ‘Great Replacement Theory.'”

In reality, ADL’s legitimate alarm about Jewish replacement by anti-Semitic Arabs in Israel and Americans’ concern about replacement by millions of illegal aliens are both fact, not theory, but that’s not my focus here. What prompted me to write this article was reading a cherry-picked excerpt from the Buffalo shooter’s 160-page manifesto in which he describes himself as a “white supremacist” and cites a few of the steps of his journey toward becoming a racially motivated mass murderer. Those steps mentioned a group called 4-chan and other entities associated with the political right. What immediately sprang to my mind was the similarity of these couple of paragraphs to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It was like this kid was deliberately trying to frame the conservatives by pretending to be one, and intentionally hitting all the bullet-points of the progressives’ white supremacy narrative – just as the agitation-propagandists had done with the Protocols by pretending to speak on behalf of the Jews.

I’ve since learned that there is massive evidence from his social media history that the Buffalo shooter is actually a lefty, which bolsters my first impression.

Obviously, a person would have to be crazy, or mind-controlled by really evil handlers – or both – to do something like this intentionally, but what better agitprop could one contrive than to sacrifice your own life and freedom for the cause of “social justice” by acting out a heinous crime that “proves” the white supremacist narrative. Is it really that much different, tactically, from the Antifa fascists who dressed like Tump supporters to infiltrate the Charlottesville gathering to create mayhem, or the Pelosi J6 goon squad that breached the Capitol building and suckered some conservatives into following them inside, or the FBI orchestration of the Whitmer kidnapping?

My mention of “really evil handlers” evokes memories of Mel Gibson’s classic film “Conspiracy Theory” and the specter of fringe theories about MK-Ultra and such. Of course, “fringe” doesn’t necessarily mean false, but one doesn’t need to resort to those theories to explain how the Buffalo shooter might have become the “Learned Elder” of white supremacy.

There are “evil handlers” engaging in mind control of young people – and adults – all over the America these days, from the Disney and public school “groomers,” to COVID fear-porn purveyors, to Russia-demonizing warmongers, to cancel-culture “disinformation” Brownshirts, to the “sky is falling” global warming alarmists. They all share the same core ideology and tactical playbook. They are Marxists who specialize in agitprop. The Communists of the Soviet Union and the National Socialists of Nazi Germany were masters of it, as are their heirs, the ruling Cultural Marxists, aka “Progressives” of America’s purple uniparty today.

The crown jewel of their strategy is the “white supremacy” narrative. From the street-activists’ Ferguson riot-campaign kick-off and BLM follow-up, to academia’s Critical Race Theory curricula and programs, to the injection of racial “wokeness” into the commercial realm by predatory corporatists, to the massive investment of public resources by government and private funding by big business to “fight systemic racism,” to the media’s 1619 Project and subsequent public-consensus shaping efforts to equate “whiteness” itself with racism, ALL the constituencies of the Marxist left have become full-time agitation propagandists on the “white supremacy” theme.

And yet, they have almost no actual evidence to work with. The overwhelming majority of conservatives are not racist, and those who are genuinely racist limit their racism to making nasty comments anonymously through fake names and avatars on social media. White supremacy as the left yearns for it to be is simply mythological.

Thus, the left’s “white supremacist” agitprop has to invent its own strawmen. They are reduced to writing and acting out their own scripts – sometimes literally – in all that ways I’ve listed above. There’s one last example I will leave you with, created by a “woke” film production company called Generation Hope. Be aware these are actual social-justice training videos in active use in schools and workplaces. The one I really want you to see has been deleted from the company’s site, but not before being copied, analyzed and mercilessly mocked here.

To be clear, I can’t say for sure the Buffalo shooter is an agent provocateur who set out to deliberately and deviously frame conservatives to feed the white supremacy narrative, but I do know he’s a leftist, and today’s left is a virtual agitprop factory, running three shifts at full capacity. I’ll let you decide if his manifesto and the other examples cited herein can rightly be labeled The Protocols of the Looney Haters of Whiteness.

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