The real national security threat: 'Furby' vs. Biden

In October 1998, a cute, cuddly, synthetic-hair-covered toy animal – Furby – hit the market, becoming an overnight sensation. Yet three months later, it would be designated a national security threat. Why? The hamster-like looking robot spoke a made-up language of gibberish before suddenly starting to communicate in ever-improving English. It was as if Furby soaked up what was said in its presence, filing away words for later use in conversation.

U.S. intelligence agencies labeled it a national security threat, concerned it contained a recording device that might innocently replay classified discussions. Additionally, as Furby used infrared sensing to detect light and to communicate with fellow Furbies, the Federal Aviation Administration worried it might disrupt electronic equipment. It was eventually determined the only thing to fear was fear itself – the toy contained no recording device nor posed any threat to air safety. The country could breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Two-plus decades later, we have Joe Biden serving in the Oval Office exhibiting numerous signs of diminishing mental capacity. The indicators are endless: using incoherent speech and nonsensical words; failing to remember the defense secretary’s as well as his own name; making decisions undermining America’s security at the expense of American and allied lives; undertaking actions causing allies to question whether America can be trusted; opening our borders to hordes of illegal immigrants containing both a criminal and COVID-infected element; causing an all-time high number of drug-related deaths of U.S. citizens due to an open border policy; inexplicably removing designated foreign terrorist organizations from the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organizations list despite no discernible change in status quo; undermining public confidence in our military; disrespecting Israel by abstaining in a U.N. vote changing Temple Mount to a Muslim holy site contrary to Jewish historical claims otherwise; implementing policies increasing COVID-related deaths despite promises to wipe it out; conspiring to condemn parents daring to challenge the teaching of racial hatred known as Critical Race Theory to their children in schools due to liberal boards of education as domestic terrorists; almost single-handedly destroying our energy independence while draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; destroying the U.S. economy; driving inflation up higher than it has been since 1990; kowtowing to China, creating supply chain disruption, etc.

Biden has accomplished all this in less than one year in office. How can there not be a bipartisan condemnation of such demonstrated incompetence as a major threat to our national security?

Initial responsibility for this falls at the feet of those closest to him – his family members. Wife Jill had to have had her own concerns about Biden. We now know that Hunter sure did.

Messages on Hunter’s abandoned laptop computer raised concerns about his father’s mental capacity even before Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president. This was done in a January 2019 text message exchange Hunter had with his own therapist.

A new book by Miranda Devine, focusing on the infamous laptop, notes Hunter and his therapist/friend Keith Ablow mocked Joe relentlessly in text exchanges. Ablow queried if Joe was even capable of recalling details with his “dementia and all.” Devine cites a dialogue between them discussing the increased field of Democratic presidential candidates before commenting about Joe as follows:

Ablow: “Your dad is the answer. Any man who can triumph over dementia is a giant. Think what he could do for our nation’s needed recovery.” (As Ablow knew, dementia is only rarely curable.)

Hunter: “You’re such an **shole, but that made me laugh out loud.”

Ablow: “Perhaps he can help us remember all we intended to be as a people since he can now remember his address.”

Hunter: (Referencing his father) “doesn’t need to (know) where he lives” because “that’s the only thing the secret service get(s) right at least 75% of the time.”

In a later exchange, after Ablow asked whether Joe can remember the details of anything these days, Hunter seems to say no, adding, “since it’s all fake news anyway I don’t see the problem.” Crackhead Hunter would clearly see no problem with this due to the treasures he knew a Biden presidency would reap for him.

Jill Biden recently claimed its crazy to call her husband demented. She says he works “almost 24 hours” a day at the job which, were it true (he has thus far taken more personal travel days than any other president in decades) would be worrisome in itself for his making important decisions with little sleep.

It is inexcusable for Jill not to have been concerned about husband Joe taking on Oval Office responsibilities. Living with him every day, she had to be worried about how his mental condition was bound to become an issue at some point. Was she so desirous of becoming first lady that she subordinated the issue of Joe’s mental decline to her personal desires? She had to know nothing good could come from a presidential win for Joe as his mental status eventually would expose him to immense public ridicule, as it has done, driving his popularity down now to 28% among independents.

While Biden recently underwent his first physical exam by a White House doctor, the released report of that examination indicates no cognitive test was administered. The reason is obvious – any test results would then have to be shared with the public.

It is no wonder why, when he first hit the campaign trail, Biden used an earpiece and read from teleprompters. He still does at times as his handlers get nervous whenever he ad-libs, rambling from their script. More recently, concerns have been raised as Biden’s voice seems to becoming almost robotic and hoarse. This comes at a time he has had a lingering cough for close to six months. Most analysts believe if there is any further deterioration in his speaking ability, the administration may resort to using artificial intelligence technology to imitate the president.

Biden’s disastrous presidential performance can only be the result of one of two possibilities: He is mentally incompetent and liberal advisers, incompetent in their own right, are running the show, or the fictionalized Manchurian candidate has become a reality. Either way, we lose.

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