Jan. 7, 2021 … a day that will live in infamy …

Last week, I had occasion to visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. The memorial marks the resting place of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors and Marines killed on the battleship on Dec. 7, 1941. As one might imagine, it is a somber experience that engenders a great deal of thought regarding the lives lost on the ship, as well as all of the military personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice to secure and preserve our liberties throughout our nation’s history.

As I gave thought to the men killed on the USS Arizona – many of whom were sleeping in their bunks as the attack began and remain entombed therein – it occurred to me that their sacrifice and that of all those who fought in World War II essentially bought their countrymen around 80 years of relative peace and liberty. I say 80 years for two reasons: One, because that’s the approximate time that has elapsed between then and now, and two, because I believe that period of relative peace and liberty – along with the Republic itself – essentially ended with Congress’ certification of the November presidential election on Jan. 7.

On Dec. 7, 1941, the sailors and Marines who perished at Pearl Harbor knew what their country stood for and what they were attempting to preserve, despite the imperfections in our Union and the lessons we still had to learn. Today, I don’t think that those servicemen could say the same thing.

There’s a plaque at the USS Arizona Memorial that carries the words of a note Eleanor Roosevelt is said to have carried with her during the course of the war. It reads:

Dear Lord,
Lest I continue
My complacent way
Help me to remember
Somehow out there
A man died for me today.
As long as there be war
Then I must
Ask and answer
Am I worth dying for?

This reasoning naturally circles back to the question of whether one’s countrymen would be worth dying for, should the occasion arise. Would you give your life to purchase your fellow Americans 80 years of relative peace and liberty? I most certainly would not – not at this juncture.

Unlike the men who made the ultimate sacrifice on Dec. 7, 1941, I cannot say that I’m sure of what my country stands for. I can say that many of the things I’d be attempting to preserve disgust me to the core, however. For example, I couldn’t see dying for a self-loathing nation that despises its history and curses its own existence, that supports measures which threaten its sovereignty (such as open borders), that practices institutional racism via lionizing certain ethnic groups whilst demonizing others, that supports junk science madness and perverse social engineering agendas calculated to engender psychological dysfunction and sexual ambivalence, particularly amongst children, or one that lavishes precious resources on the indolent and foreign nationals who come here with hatred for this nation and its people in their hearts.

Actually, I couldn’t see risking a blister to preserve any of that stuff, let alone my life.

I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to, but as anyone who travels regularly will attest, this activity provides a great deal of perspective regarding people’s knowledge, awareness and attitudes. What I’ve garnered from my recent travels – as well as my observations of the last year or so – is that most Americans have no idea of the significance of what really occurred in the early hours of Jan. 7, when Congress certified last November’s election. Granted that many supporters of President Trump are well aware that the election was dirty and illegitimate as hell, but very, very few comprehend the real significance of these facts.

Having successfully circumvented the will of the American people to an extent never before realized, look for the Biden administration, its surrogates, congressional Democrats and radical socialists at large to become emboldened to an exponential degree – far more than when Barack Obama occupied the White House. The majority of Americans simply have no advocate at this juncture, save for a paltry handful of Republicans in Congress. The socialists have won.

I could project what the weeks and months ahead might hold for us, but I obviously don’t know for sure. As it stands, my past prognostications – accurate though they may have been – didn’t count for much, save for the edification of those who were pretty well clued-in to start with.

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