The Texas standoff: A breakthrough for states' rights?

A close friend of mine insists on calling people illegally crossing the border “refugees” and professes infinite compassion for them, even if she cannot state a logical end point for what such a belief portends. I try to tell her the reasons they are coming are not because they are traditional refugees; instead, the primary driver is a better life and, too often, the government support that comes along with stepping across our border. Beyond that, too many are here for nefarious purposes, and it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. Meanwhile, we all pay a huge price.

The definition of a refugee according to Merriam-Webster is: A person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution.

That definition is pretty specific; now let’s examine why people are coming here in massive numbers, according to Reuters and other sources:

  1. Ostensibly, migrants looking for protection must prove they have been persecuted or fear they will be, based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group to a U.S. asylum officer or U.S. immigration court. Realistically, well-coached individuals don’t find this an impediment, and the multi-year wait for adjudication is a huge draw.
  2. The administration said it would admit up to 30,000 migrants by air from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela each month under a new temporary “humanitarian parole” program if they have a U.S. sponsor. The actual numbers are much higher. All invitations come with a guarantee of support from our government.
  3. The simplest reason is that President Biden invited them to come.
  4. Once here, they invite their friends and relatives by taking selfies, proving they made it and how easy and fast it was. Don’t have a phone? No problem – the government will give you one!
  5. Criminal street gangs – mostly comprised of illegal immigrants – are responsible for the majority of violent crimes in the United States and are the primary distributors of most illicit drugs.
  6. There are now several hundred crime groups operating across Mexico, many of which are connected to human trafficking. Most groups focus on getting illegals across the U.S. border to traffic them. It’s a multi-billion dollar business.

Is this compassion or just being a patsy?

The cost of an open border:

  1. An average of over one person a day dies on the journey here.
  2. Further bloating of the government.
  3. The rise of the NGOs. Organizations like the U.N., Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Catholic League, Lutheran Immigration and many more “facilitators” that together receive billions of government dollars and are effectively in the immigration racket, virtually cartel members themselves when you think about it. They facilitate the illegal entry of people into our country. Call them migration pimps.
  4. The cost to federal, state,and local governments exceeds a half trillion dollars for the roughly 6 million border crossers.
  5. Intangibles – social discord among our native population, lack of focus on the key issues affecting Americans, and pushing out our own homeless and endangered population in favor of asylum seekers.
  6. Most are unknown individuals with unknown intentions, and most are fighting-age males. At least 20% of those crossing our border are unknown “gotaways.” What could go wrong?

Progressives have their agenda; what’s ours? What can we do that is not incremental but signals we are no longer willing to play their game? We may be witnessing the opening round in a new way to fight back that may become our way forward. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has become the lead dog in finding a different way to staunch the flow of illegals pushed by President Biden. Texas is one of the few states with its own independent military and an unusual provision it negotiated when it joined the Union over 150 years ago. According to the Smithsonian Magazine:

“Thanks to the terms of Texas’s 1845 admission to the Union, the state could split anytime, without any action from Congress – a power no other state has – into five separate states.”

Texas just lost a battle (at least temporarily) in the Supreme Court, which weighed the issue of federal power against Texas’ right to control immigration into its territory. But something unusual is happening. Texas is not backing down. Texas is receiving support from at least 25 other states’ governors. Is this the moment when we stop backing up and stand our ground?

At the heart of the immigration debate is a more significant issue. Can our federal government use the levers of power at its disposal to dismantle us and, for all intents and purposes, end our country as we know it? Can they take some powers granted by the Constitution that help them while ignoring other provisions that would restrain them? This is at the heart of what’s going on, along with multiple other strategies such as DEI, CRT, ESG, etc., designed to force the dominant population into an untenable and permanent defensive position, which amounts to a trap.

To add context to the above, the question I hear from many is, why would anyone want to create such mischief, and to what end? While hard to believe, one only has to read what some Marxist Columbia University professors devised in the ’60s. This strategy has been implemented over two generations. If you’ve never heard of the Clowad-Piven strategy, you need to. From Wikipedia:

It is the strategy of forcing political change, leading to societal collapse through orchestrated crises. The ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, amassing massive unpayable national debt, and other methods such as unfettered immigration, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse by overwhelming the system.”

Sound all too familiar? This is the most rational explanation for everything happening to our country today. Sometimes, the most hard-to-believe theories are nevertheless true.

States’ rights are finally coming into play – a generation of Americans don’t understand the power vested in the states by the Constitution.

Biden’s administration has raised the prospect of invoking the Insurrection Act against Texas. The Philadelphia Inquirer states:

“The high-stakes game of Texas Hold’Em taking place on the banks of the Rio Grande between the tin soldiers of that state’s Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and the U.S. Border Patrol has reached a tension level that some writers and online pundits have compared the standoff to Fort Sumter, the South Carolina outpost where the first shots of the Civil War were fired in 1861.”

This over-the-top quote from a national paper of record throws down the gauntlet. It prepares us for what’s coming next. Biden’s actions upon becoming president belies all the other rhetoric. On the day he was inaugurated, Biden dropped 30 Executive Orders that were akin to lighting a fuse.

That fuse is now close to detonation. Compassion was never Biden’s goal. Now we’ll find out how far his cabal is willing to push it and how much backbone the American people still retain.

God Bless America.

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